The numbers are rolling in, and they’re showing unbelievable figures as a result of the massive difference in immigration policies between Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

Whereas Obama was an open borders freak who cherished and coddled illegal aliens over his own American citizens, Donald Trump has embarked on a program of putting America First. And, boy, does it show!

Arrests at the southern border of the United States are down by a whopping 25%. The reason for this is crystal clear: Obama offered inducements for illegals to cross the border. Trump has ended that policy and would-be invaders have decided it was no longer worth the expense or trouble of trying to cross the border. The number of arrests at the border are the lowest since 1971. So much for the liberal talking points from the 2016 presidential elections, who said Trump could not cut down on border crossings even with a wall.

Liberals were wrong – since when has that ever happened?

Meanwhile, arrests of illegals already in the United States has soared under President Trump and it’s expected to get much higher since immigration officials have decided to quadruple workplace arrests of illegals. Immigration and Customs Enforcement have increased the arrest numbers of illegals away from the border to  143,470 , a full 25% higher than in Obama’s last year.

The border patrol is beginning to use balloons to monitor the borders.

In February, then-Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly scrapped the previous administration’s instructions to limit deportations to public safety threats, convicted criminals and recent border crossers, effectively making anyone in the country illegally vulnerable.

‘We have clearly seen the successful results of the president’s commitment to supporting the frontline officers and agents of (the Department of Homeland Security) as they enforce the law and secure our borders,’ said Elaine Duke, acting secretary.

ICE said that deportations totaled 226,119, a decline of 6 per cent from the previous year, but that number masks a seismic shift away from the border.

Something to consider when looking at the fiscal year numbers is that part of those figures are from the Obama administration, whose lax policies and open borders skewed the numbers. For example, internal arrests (Away from the borders) rose 25% in the fiscal year but it rose 37% over the same time period the year before.

Remember, these are the numbers before President Trump has gotten a single penny from Congress to go towards increased security and for his border wall. Things are only going to get better from here. Remember liberals telling us that there was nothing Trump could do to lower the numbers of illegal aliens in the country? That theory has now fallen by the wayside. That was to be suspected, because the only way not to increase the internal numbers or the decrease in border numbers would have been to continue the failed policies of the Obama administration.

When he was running for president, Donald Trump stressed that we needed to stem the influx of illegal aliens and remove those who are already here. True to his word, the now-President Trump has unshackled our immigration officers and he is allowing them to finally do the job they were hired for.

One problem he is facing is the continued trouble hiring border control agents who were hesitant to enlist – it was a very dangerous join considering Obama’s rules of engagement and the failure on his part to adequately prosecute violent border crossers.

For those who gave their votes to President Donald Trump based on his stated immigration agenda, they are seeing that investment pay off in spades.