(thepostmillennial)During an exchange on his show on Fox News Monday night, Tucker Carlson interviewed author JD Vance regarding consultant Robin D’Angelo’s corporate racial sensitivity trainings which highlight what “big a-holes” people are because they are white.

Carlson opened the segment by discussing D’Angelo’s approach. “You’re not really allowed to notice what’s happening in Seattle or any of our big cities, which are collapsing, and people like Robin D’Angelo are charged with making you not notice. According to Robin de Angela America’s biggest problem, has nothing to do with economics. It’s not crime or unemployment. It’s not the mismanagement of the people in charge. The problem with Americans is their DNA.”

Carlson continued by introducing a video of the training, “Now a sane society would reject that for what it is, open racism. But Robin D’Angelo has gotten richer and more famous. She’s all over television saying the same thing, your skin color determines whether or not you’re a good person.”

D’Angelo can be seen in video describing the course to late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon. “I’ll never forget asking a group, Okay, so what if you could just give us feedback on our inevitable and often unaware, racist assumptions and behaviors? And I’ll never forget this black man raising his hand and saying it would be revolutionary. And, you know, just take that in. I just want all the white people to just take that in ‘revolutionary,’ that we would receive the feedback with grace, reflect and seek to change our behavior. That’s how difficult we are. That’s how big a-holes we are.”

Carlson continued by expanding on D’Angelo’s LinkedIn training course. “She’s delivering video lectures as part of something called the LinkedIn learning series. And if LinkedIn is behind it, it’s everywhere. Several major corporations, direct employees to the learning platform, which is owned by Microsoft. In one of her lunatic presentations. D’Angelo notes that ‘to be less white is to be less oppressive, less arrogant, less defensive, and more humble.'”

Carlson augmented the description of the course and introduced his guest, author JD Vance. “The presentation goes on to urge employees to quote, try to be less white. Again, many corporations are using LinkedIn for training, including Coca Cola, which is run, you won’t be surprised to know, by a white guy. JD Vance is the author of Hillbilly Elegy… JD, I have to wonder what effect this kind of stuff is having on our society?”

Vance responded, “Well, first of all, Tucker, I think it’s, it’s ridiculous. And frankly, it’s destroying our society. So I think about my own family Tucker, one of the great things that’s happened to me. I think the greatest thing in my life is that I married a woman who wasn’t the same skin color as me and I was able to do that because I grew up in a country that taught us not to think about each other as members of a racial group. We were taught to think about each other as people, and what these people are doing by constantly forcing us to focus on the color of our skin is they’re destroying an essential part of American heritage that we can judge people based on the content of their character. They’re doing it, I think for cynical reasons. But at the end of the day, they’re going to destroy something that’s critical and important and good about this country. And we should fight back against it.

Tucker replied, “I wonder how you can, how can you live in it? I mean, we have cynicism aside, a truly diverse country. There is no majority of religion, even barely that ethnicity at this point. That’s I don’t think anyone’s mad about that, but how do you have a country like that if you’re taught by your leaders to hate each other because of your differences? Like, how does that work? Long-term.”

Vance answered, “Well, at the end of the day, it doesn’t work Tucker. And I think one of the big things that’s happening in our country right now is that we’re constantly divided against each other because that’s the way our leaders want it. And it’s important to ask what’s going on? Why is this happening? And if you look behind identity politics, it’s almost always about power. What happens to you if you don’t participate in these woke trainings? What happens to you if you don’t echo the party line? Well, two things happen to you. First of all, you’re more precarious at your job. It’s easier to fire you, if you don’t go along with the woke HR department.”

Vance expanded on his answer and said, “The second thing that happens is you’re deprived of your core freedom of speech. So the two things that are core, fundamental values and rights in this country, the right to provide for your family, the right to participate in the self-government of this country are both taken away from you. If you don’t tow the woke party line.”

Carlson concluded the segment by saying, “This can’t be legal. It’s happening everywhere. At some point, people are going to start to file class action suits and we’ll support them when they do.”

Following the interview, unconfirmed reports indicate that the course may have been removed from LinkedIn.