(The Post Millennial) – A harrowing incident right on downtown Austin’s Sixth Street was captured on video on Thursday, where a criminal woman crawled under the victim’s truck to surprise him on the other side.

Ken Whitmire, the owner of the truck and the victim of the incident, posted the following on Facebook, “Headed to a job this morning on 6th street in downtown Austin, TX. A homeless lady rolled from someone else’s vehicle to under my truck, she crawled out, opened my door and tried stabbing me multiple times with a large knife.

“I had to fight her off until the cops could get to her and get her out of my truck. I’ve worked in Austin for 40 years and have never experienced anything like this before.”

This next video is only seven seconds long, but shows the incident much more clearly:

Fortunately, Mr. Whitemire was not physically harmed in the incident, and APD report that suspected have been arrested and charged. Austin has had a huge spike in violent criminal activity recently, which includes another incident on Sunday, an apparent domestic incident which has left at least three people dead and sparked a police search for the suspect, who fled the scene.

Carjacking has also become more common in the area such as the case in July of 2020, where an Uber driver was forced to use fatal force to defend himself.