(Breitbart) – LeBron James disrespected the national anthem and walked off the court shouting at the crowd as the song played during Tuesday’s season-opener.

As the anthem played ahead of the Lakers’ opener against the Clippers, James was seen leaving the court as the rest of his team stood at attention. Stomping off the court, James crowed “let’s goooo” as he unzipped his sweat jacket before taking a seat on the sidelines as everyone else observed the anthem.

The disrespectful outburst comes a week after James called supporters of democracy in Hong Kong “uneducated” for their opposition to China’s tightening grip on the semi-autonomous region.

James was chastised by many for his support for China, one of the world’s most significant human rights abusers.

For one, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) took a shot at James for his remarks regarding the league’s ongoing free speech scandal with China. And fellow NBA star Enes Kanter also blasted James for his support of the oppressive Chinese over Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement.

James’ comments also spurred thousands of citizens of Hong Kong to take to the streets to burn the player’s jerseys and merchandise, and to denounce the player’s stance against democracy.

‘Unacceptable’: Fans, Media Erupt After LeBron James’ Outburst During National Anthem

The internet did not take kindly to James’ ill-timed and disrespectful outburst:

The NBA faced serious financial hardship after China retaliated against the league by canceling promotional events and several business arrangements. It should also be noted that James has several financial interests in China outside the NBA. Most notably, Nike’s extremely lucrative sales in China, plus the deal that James’ production company has in the development of Space Jam 2 which is expected to do very well in the communist country.