(NOQReport) – Share the truth Segregation has made a strong resurgence in recent years thanks to Black Lives Matter and other groups promoting “BIPOC Supremacy.” Results from the civil rights movement through efforts by African-American leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. are being wiped away as “woke” politicians and the Neo-Marxist groups who control them drive as many wedges between the races as possible. The latest version comes from the state of Washington where vaccine providers are now allowed to deny Covid-19 jabs based solely on race.

For the record, I’m not a proponent of the Covid-19 vaccines, but allowing people to make healthcare choices regardless of skin color or socioeconomic position should be the general rule across America. The woke folks in Olympia have a completely different view. According to MyNorthwest :

The Washington State Department of Health lets providers deny vaccines to white people in a race-exclusionary system they claim creates equity and removes barriers. It does neither.

The African American Reach and Teach Health Ministry (AARTH) is a vaccine provider in Washington state. Eligible recipients can sign up for vaccines using their online scheduler. But if you’re white, you’re not able to access any open vaccine appointments.

By default, white people are put on a standby list – one of two lists segregated by race – for vaccine access. They will only provide their online appointments to people of color.

Given repeated opportunities over the course of several days, the DOH would not directly answer whether or not this practice violates the law. Instead, the DOH repeatedly deflected, arguing that they’re taking necessary steps to provide equitable access to the vaccine. But it’s only equitable access if you have the right skin color.

It’s striking how the definition of “equitable” has been contorted to mean the exact opposite of how it was originally intended. Radical progressive politicians and activists in states like Washington have been able to reverse the meaning of the word. Today, “equitable” only applies when there is inequality artificially created by racist policies like these.

Many of these inequitable policies have come as a reaction to Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioting across the Northeast and in cities around the nation. They make nonsensical arguments about equity which are then adopted by politicians. All the while, they’re burning down businesses and causing general mayhem in the streets, damaging not only the economies but the psyches of those who simply want to get along with their neighbors.

Black-owned businesses have been speaking out, especially when they’re the victims of the movements that are supposed to be working for their benefit. Just south in Oregon, things have gotten so bad that they’re calling on “White allies” to cool it. According to PJ Media :

Portland, OR has been bearing the brunt of more “peaceful protests” than any other city since last summer. Leftist anarchy reigns there, and there is no end in sight.

It has been noted by many that a lot of the riot types in Portland are “down with the struggle” white people. That seems a little racist at first blush. Probably because seeing a bunch of white people speak and act for black people is.

It would appear that some of the radical left black hierarchy in the City of Roses are no longer amused by the antics of their woke white brethren:


We Out Here, a site that covers hip-hop culture and politics in Portland has published an open letter to the “Portland Protest Community.” While those who attached their names to the letter don’t say “white people,” the implication is clear.

BLM and their radical progressive puppet politicians keep talking about “equity” by promoting unambiguous inequality. They are creating a racial divide that is as bigoted as any of the hideous practices of the past.