(InfoWars) – A viral video purporting to show a man smoking a cigarette among a truck full of coronavirus corpses is confirmed to be fake, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the COVID hoax is real.

The video, taken during the production of Russian rapper Husky’s music video, went viral after users on social media claimed the man smoking a cigarette among the bodies was a crisis actor.

But don’t let this hoax distract you from the many other fake aspects of the COVID-19 Scamdemic.

For example, recall when mannequins were used last year in emergency rooms to convey that hospitals were over capacity as the China Virus spread was ongoing. YouTube has since deleted the relevant video.

Additionally, the mainstream media was reporting that hospitals were on the brink of collapse from being so overwhelmed with coronavirus patients, but footage on the ground at several metro hospitals revealed the exact opposite: many actually appeared to be unusually empty.

The phenomenon of empty hospitals was also observed in the UK, where a woman was consequently arrested for exposing it.

This is in addition to the CDC and medical establishment inflating the true COVID-19 death numbers, as only 6% of deaths were exclusively linked to the China Virus alone.

The CDC even recently admitted its “6 foot social distancing” rule was pulled out of thin air, not backed by any science whatsoever.

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