“I could God damn grab her and rape her! Cause I have rights!”

(Infowars) – Shocking video out of Pennsylvania shows a leftist threatening to rape a young conservative woman before other feminists swoop in to defend the man.

“Last night at the Trump rally in PA, a liberal protester touched me against my consent and said he’d throw me on the ground and rape me. Feminists around him, who say we’re supposed to believe women, defended him and denied it happened. This is what the left has come to,” tweeted Kaitlin Bennett.

Footage of the incident backs up her account. The elderly leftist touches Bennett, prompting her to say, “Don’t touch me.”

“Hey I’m allowed to touch her!” states the man, before adding, “Yeah I am, I could God damn grab her and rape her! Cause I have rights!”

A gaggle of female leftists then appear to claim that Bennett is lying about the whole incident, contradicting their entire “believe women” narrative.

“I like how there’s women defending him when he just said he could rape me….I thought we believed women, I thought we supported women?” asked Bennett.

Another woman then accuses Bennett of lying about the rape threat despite it being caught on tape.

The elderly man who made the rape threat then tells Bennett not to release the footage.