(TreeHouse) – The people of Pennsylvania showed up to greet the installed occupant of the White House, Joe Biden, upon his arrival in Pennsylvania – which he calls his home state. The illegitimate office holder was scheduled to speak at Mack Truck Plant in Macungie, Pennsylvania.

Unfortunately for those who are attempting to manage the White House, the jeers, boos and middle finger salutes from the crowd was not exactly what they were looking for. WATCH:


Again I repeat, there is not a single visible data-point, outside of MSM narrative engineering, that would indicate support -of any significant scale- for the installed current occupant of the Oval Office.

Few American people watch his speeches. Even fewer people attend his events; and almost all quantifiable engagement -on every platform- reflects exactly the opposite of what the media and big tech narrative engineers keep trying to sell. The propaganda is remarkable when contrast against the reality.