(InfoWars) – Filmmaker and activist Ami Horowitz is back with another amazing Man on the Street video where he educates people who think rich Americans don’t pay enough taxes.

To begin, Horowitz asks if wealthy individuals pay their fair share in taxes.

Every person in the video strongly answered with some form of “Hell no!”

Many of the interviewees criticized America, capitalism and our current tax system.

The majority of those interviewed subscribe to the belief that poor people pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes than wealthier citizens.

After allowing them to share their opinions on taxation in America, Horowitz dropped some actual data and the people were astounded.

“Would it surprise you if I said the rich, the 1%, pay 40% of all taxes in America?” he asked.

“It would surprise me,” one man said.

“Interesting. That sounds fair. I need to study up on this more man. I’m not paying attention to actual numbers,” another man admitted.

“You’re telling me that’s a reality?” a woman asked, adding, “I’m shocked.”

Closing out the video, one person noted, “It seems like the bottom could pay a little more!”

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