(thepostmillennial)We’re all used to having to pull out our passports whenever we go on vacation, but as Forbes reports, “Your most precious travel accessory this summer is going to be a small white piece of paper”.

Vaccination cards, indicating which vaccine someone has received and when, are already required to partake in certain activities. As more people get inoculated against COVID-19, these cards will play an important role in ensuring that society returns to normal as quickly as possible.

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Vaccination cards to rival passports as essential travel documents


While many expected digital vaccine passports, paper seems to be here for the the foreseeable future. This raises a number of challenges. First and foremost, if one loses their card, it can be difficult to replace, especially if one received their vaccination out of state.

The CDC recommends a number of steps one can take to maintain the quality of the paper cards. These include laminating your card, as well as photocopying and taking a picture of it.

If one received their shots at a pharmacy such as Walgreens, they can ask for a digital backup, which will be stored in the pharmacy’s system. This is limited to certain chains, but more are hoping to get their digital backup programs up and running soon.