If you can acknowledge that two plus two is four or can measure the sides of a triangle, you’re racist – at least according to one university professor.

The Daily Caller reports that a University of Illinois math professor is teaching her students that her own discipline perpetuates racism because its Greek terms give whites unearned credit for inventing mathematical formulae.

Professor Rochelle Gutierrez claims that evaluations for mathematical performance perpetuate racism if minorities don’t score as well as their white peers.

That’s right: she just claimed that minorities are worse at math than whites. For being an advocate against racism, that’s incredibly racist.

Not only that, but it isn’t to do with their individual abilities in the discipline – if minorities are worse at math, it’s because white people are holding them back.

Gutierrez cries about placing emphasis on the usefulness of math skills in the real world, rather than leftist subjects such as English or sociology, creates “unearned privilege” for those who are good at doing math.

She acknowledges that most math teachers in the country are white; not because the nation is a white-majority population and individual math assessments reflect this demographic, but because apparently whites are in some sort of secret club promoting each other at the expense of minorities. That’s her opinion, not ours.

“Are we really that smart just because we do mathematics?” she asks, questioning the injustice of the fact that people with math skills are a lot more useful and employable than people who can write lies for a living – and get everyone else to believe them.

Gutierrez recently published a math education book for teachers, and in it, she cautions educators to be aware of identity politics.

We’d also like to warn teachers about identity politics. There are plenty of shills like Gutierrez posing as math experts who are brainwashing children with a bigoted, illogical ideology. Of all the people, you’d think a math teacher – whose brain is programmed to solve complex equations and detect errors – wouldn’t be so fanatically duped into an ideology where nothing adds up at all.

In her book, she worries that algebra and geometry, which relate to arithmetic, spread racism and white privilege. “Curricula emphasizing terms like Pythagorean theorem and pi perpetuate a perception that mathematics was largely developed by Greeks and other Europeans,” she writes.

But this is the best part: Gutierrez complains that not being viewed as mathematical is a microaggression, and because whites appear to perform better at math than minorities, they “have experienced microaggressions from participating in math classrooms… [where people are] judged by whether they can reason abstractly.”

To solve this, Gutierrez – a math professor, of all people – claims that teachers should recognize that knowledge is not objective, but subjective. It’s not based on empirical facts around us, but relational. Coming from someone who deals with objective numbers all day long, we can only conclude that leftism is a mental disease so powerful that it can infect even the most logical, computer-like mind.