U.S. Navy Deploys F-35B to Pacific in Show of Strength to China, North Korea

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 11:21 AM PT — Wed. March 7, 2018

The Navy are stationing F-35B stealth fighter jets on an aircraft carrier in the Indo-Pacific for the first time in a clear warning to China and North Korea.

A F-35B aircraft landed on the amphibious assault ship USS Wasp for the first time in the Indo-Pacific for the first time on Monday. (Photo/Reuters)

On Sunday, fighter jets landed on an amphibious assault ship at an undisclosed location in the Pacific.

The Navy touted the move as a new era of weaponry in air and sea capability, and one of the most significant leaps in war-fighting for the Navy and Marine Corps.

The F-35B was assigned to the 31st Marine expeditionary unit based in Okinawa, Japan and will provide support to operations in the region.

The deployment comes in response to North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, and China ‘s aggressive dominance over the South China Sea.

Source: oan