President Trump took a new shot at “Fake News CNN” on Sunday after anchor Jake Tapper suddenly ended an ultra-tense interview with White House policy adviser and Trump loyalist Stephen Miller.

“Jake Tapper of Fake News CNN just got destroyed in his interview with Stephen Miller of the Trump Administration. Watch the hatred and unfairness of this CNN flunky!” Trump tweeted.

Miller, who has been with Trump since the start of his presidential campaign, as expected discredited Steve Bannon, a former Trump political strategist and campaign staffer, for the divisive comments attributed to Bannon in the recently released exposé “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.”  

“It’s tragic and unfortunate that Steve would make these grotesque comments, so out of touch with reality and obviously so vindictive,” Miller said specifically about Bannon’s quotes regarding Donald Trump Jr.’s connection to a meeting with Russian nationals in New York City during the campaign. “The whole White House staff is deeply disappointed in his comment.”

The book included quotes of Bannon calling the meeting “treasonous” and “unpatriotic.”

CNN is a familiar target for Trump and Miller, with each having publically sparred with the network’s star chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta. Trump frequently says the cable TV network puts out “fake news.”

Miller, an architect of Trump’s immigration policy, pointed out Sunday that Bannon wasn’t even on the campaign when the June 2016 meeting occurred, then continued to discredit Bannon, author Michael Wolff and his book.

“This reads like an angry vindictive person spouting off to a highly discredited author,” Miller said. “A garbage author and a garbage book.” 

Bannon later Sunday suggested his criticism of Trump Jr. was in fact about former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and said he regretted not correcting the record earlier, considering how copies of the book were circulating last week.

Miller on CNN then backed Trump’s comment Saturday that he was a political “genius,” despite Wolff’s book suggesting the president was intellectually and emotional unfit to run the country.

The interview then essentially turned into Miller and Tapper talking over each other, after Tapper said about Trump, “I’m sure he’s watching, and he’s happy you said that.”

Miller attempted to continue talking about matters that concerned him, while Tapper tried to talk about his issues, then ended the interview.

“This is my show, and I don’t want to do that,” Tapper said. “I’ve wasted enough of my viewer’s time.”

Tapper later tweeted out a video showing him cracking open a can of Colt 45 beer on a Comedy Central show — while thanking his fans.