(dailysheeple) Once again, the mainstream media has taken a statement from President Trump out of context, and this time, it is particularly egregious.

Yesterday, during a meeting with sheriffs, Trump said some people coming across the border are “animals” after a Fresno sheriff spoke about illegal immigrants who have been arrested for crimes.

Here’s the clip:

Anyone who actually listens to this clip in its entirety should be able to tell that Trump was talking about the notoriously violent gang MS-13.

(A transcript of the exchange can be found here, for those who want to read it:  In Context: Donald Trump’s comments about immigrants, ‘animals’.)

But that isn’t how many mainstream media outlets reported it.

Instead, they shared a 47-second clip of Trump calling what can be interpreted as all undocumented immigrants as “animals,” and not “people”.

Siraj Hashmi of the Washington Examiner writes,

Instead of reporting the facts, virtually every mainstream media publication and news outlet posted story after story about how Trump was maligning all undocumented immigrants.

The New York Times ran the headline, “Trump Calls Some Unauthorized Immigrants ‘Animals’ in Rant.” In the Washington Post, they ran a story with the headline, “Calling immigrants ‘animals,’ Trump evokes an ugly history of dehumanization.” In USA Today, it’s “Trump ramps up rhetoric on undocumented immigrants: ‘These aren’t people. These are animals.’

Some politicians and journalists lost their minds over Trump’s use of the word “animals” to describe MS-13.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was one of them:

John Harwood, a reporter at CNBC who was exposed by WikiLeaks as favoring Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, also took issue with the term “animals” to describe MS-13.

Pelosi and Harwood do not seem to understand that by “animals” Trump was using this definition of the word:

“an inhuman person; brutish or beastlike person.”

CNN political analyst Ryan Lizza tweeted an incomplete, out-of-context CSPAN video of the President making the remarks and declared the President was “dehumanizing” MS-13 members:

During a press briefing today, Steven Portnoy of CBS asked White House press secretary Sarah Sanders if Trump believes “some immigrants” are animals.

She minced no words in her response:

Today, during a conference with the head of NATO, a reporter asked Trump to “clarify” his “animals” comment, reports The Daily Caller:

“I’m referring to the MS-13 gangs that are coming in,” Trump immediately responded. “If you look a little bit further on in the tape, you’ll see that.”

“So I’m actually surprised you’re asking this question because most people got it right,” Trump trolled, before doubling down. “MS-13, these are animals.”

“They’re coming into our country. We’re getting them out,” Trump said, “We need strong immigration laws. We have the weakest laws in the entire world. We have laws that are laughed at on immigration.”

Then Trump made his stance very clear, “So when the MS-13 comes in – I referred to them as animals and guess what? I always will.”

Even people who are not big fans of Trump took issue with those who are defending MS-13 and distorting the context of Trump’s “animals” comment. Others pointed out that this is why people don’t trust the media anymore.

A few independent journalists took the mainstream media to task for their distortion of Trump’s comment:

If you are not familiar with MS-13 and their heinous crimes, take a look at this report and a list of their publicized crimes here.

In his article about the controversy, Hashmi concludes,

And if you still take issue with the fact that Trump called MS-13 “animals,” then do a quick Google search on MS-13 and the crimes they’ve committed. Given their brutality, you might even come to the conclusion that calling them “animals” is a generous characterization.

I’m inclined to agree, Mr. Hashmi.

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