(TreeHouse) – Last night and tonight, Fox News host Tucker Carlson led off the show with discussion of the “January 6th Insurrection” narrative.

On Tuesday night Carlson and Darren Beattie suggested some form of senate Church Committee 2.0 should be initiated in order to investigate the U.S. intelligence community, and specifically the FBI for their role in coordinating or facilitating the January 6th events. On Wednesday night Carlson again recommended the U.S. congress should start investigating.

Putting aside the background motives of Tucker Carlson; and accepting he is making these recommendations in good faith; there is a fatal flaw in his suggestion – and the support from anyone else who would suggest the same or similar approach. The fatal flaw is an obvious one that unfortunately too many people just will not, and cannot, accept….

The Legislative Branch of the federal government is part of the Intelligence Community corruption. The oversight “gang of eight” (pictured above), are enablers and participants in the corrupt endeavors that Carlson wants them to investigate.

The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) led by Chairman Adam Schiff, and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) led by Chairman Mark Warner, are part of the institutional corruption. This is the problem , the core issue in the background, that too few people are recognizing as they begin to see the corruption within the intelligence community. The legislative branch and the executive branch are working together ; there is NO functioning oversight. { CLIFF NOTES }

The American people cannot currently expect congress to investigate the Intelligence Community (Church Committee 2.0) in the same way as historical reference may suggest, because the Senate (SSCI) is working in coordination with the exact corrupt intel system they are supposed to oversee. In essence, the *check* in the system is facilitating the intel corruption.

I can give you examples, actual empirical examples, of how this is currently constructed. We have recent references, several of them, to prove the Senate Intel Committee (SSCI) is working hand-in-glove with the agencies they are supposed to oversee. However, CTH is not alone in this depth of understanding; the executive branch of the United States government also knows this, and their behavior actually highlights their intent to cover up this issue.

That exact issue is why the U.S. Dept of Justice, Attorney General Merrick Garland, recently announced they will not permit any investigation of members of the intel committee for leaks (ie. compromises in national security). “Garland on Monday also met with news media executives about restricting the ability of leak hunters , after the disclosure that the Trump Justice Department secretly seized phone records of reporters. A New York Times lawyer called the meeting positive.” [ LINK ]

The presented narrative for justification of the DOJ blocking any leak investigations surrounds a false image of press freedom and points to prior action by the Trump era DOJ to “hunt” leaks that come from inside the legislative branch intel committees (HPSCI and SSCI). However, that justification is a ruse. AG Garland and Deputy AG Lisa Monaco are not stupid. They know Adam Schiff (HPSCI) and Mark Warner (SSCI) are facilitating corruption that exists within the intel agencies. As a result “leak hunters” in the Biden administration are forbidden from exposing the corrupt legislative coordination.

This is what I have been highlighting for two years, including when I wrote THIS long before Garland made that protective announcement. Sources inside the DC apparatus gave me specific information about how the legislative branch (intel committees), judicial branch (FISA and federal courts) and executive branch (FBI, DOJ-NSD, DNI, DIA, CIA etc) work together to continue allowing the intelligence apparatus to avoid any oversight.

Congressional oversight has been compromised. The intel system is self-aware and they have structured the current system (through the legislative branch) to protect themselves. Quite simply, they are working together. This is why the proposal (Church Committee) by @DarrenJBeattie unfortunately cannot work. The SSCI and HPSCI are part of the intel corruption. Put another way, the oversight “gang of eight”, is in on it .

The system they created is now self-protecting, self-aware, and every member in both the executive agencies and legislative oversight committees are dependent on it. An example is the “advise and consent” process within the Senate confirmation process for Intel leaders.

The SSCI will not allow any (non corrupt) intel nominee who might disrupt the controlled system. This is why Trump nominees to ODNI (example) were blocked by the SSCI * even though * Republicans held the chair (Richard Burr). Preservation of a corrupt system is not a party specific issue.

This is also why the SSCI facilitated the installation of Michael Atkinson as Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG). Atkinson was the DOJ-NSD chief legal counsel to John Carlin and later Mary McCord; both were at the center of the Carter Page FISA issues.

Michael Atkinson had a vested interest in keeping the corrupt system protected (including the FISA Court). When Atkinson left the DOJ-NSD he was nominated to the ICIG position (earworm Pence recommendation), confirmed by the SSCI and then Atkinson immediately went to work to facilitate changing the rules of the Office of The Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) to modify what was allowed for whistleblower complaints. Those changes facilitated the first impeachment effort from an anonymous person inside the CIA. { Go Deep }

Simultaneously, the former head of the DOJ-NSD, Mary McCord [a Lawfare ally], had left the DOJ and assumed a position as the lead lawyer on Chairman Jerry Nadler’s judiciary committee where the articles of impeachment were created. McCord was awaiting the complaint that Atkinson facilitated. It was a coordinated effort.

I share that specific example as evidence of how the corruption between multiple agencies in the intel establishment are coordinated. The legislative branch, executive branch & judicial branch all worked at the behest of the larger control forces with the Intelligence Community. A unified ideology was the motive, remove Trump.

[ SIDE NOTE . Notice where Mary McCord is now in 2021. McCord, the person who went with former DAG Sally Yates to confront White House Counsel Don McGahn about Michael Flynn, is still working inside the system to keep the intelligence corruption activity monitored, hidden and protected { Go Deep }].

This is how the system protects itself. There is no possibility for a Church Committee oversight approach to work because the House (HPSCI) and Senate (SSCI) are part of the intelligence corruption. This was done (over years) by design. The oversight is part of the problem. They are participating; actively participating. The senate is not going to investigate or expose intelligence corruption they themselves are a part of.

While I don’t know the exact solution to this specific problem, because we are not at the point where solutions can even be debated, I do know what it will take to solve the first part of the issue….

THE ISSUE? The American people don’t know the scale of the problem yet, as evidenced by Carlson’s suggestion.

We live in this bizarro world where people debate the hypocrisy of a “dual justice system”, without ever accepting that it is not hypocrisy – it is by design. The double standards are a feature, not a flaw. Remember, actual, real-life, Domestic Violent Extremists called Black Lives Matter & Antifa, tried to burn Washington DC in the summer of 2020. Not a single arrest. Not one. Not a single FBI tweet about “help us find those arsonists who attempted to burn St. John’s church”. Nothing.

The DOJ and FBI willfully and purposefully turn a blind eye to literal acts of domestic violence, shootings, beatings, arson, murder, riots and chaos -even attacks on federal buildings- and do nothing. There will be NO HELP from federal law enforcement in the confrontation of corruption. There will be NO HELP from legislative oversight in the confrontation of corruption. We The People are the people we have been waiting for; it’s up to us.

In the background I have been giving advice to some solid patriots about how to structure the baseline of information distribution that will be needed to break through the media firewall. However, the key is to accept we are insurgents now. We cannot expect federal law enforcement to support ANY endeavor to push sunlight to the surface.

If you know the police are actively supporting the drug dealers, perhaps even facilitating the distribution itself, it does you no good to take your information about drugs being sold in your neighborhood to those same police. This is the issue with information about the 2020 election fraud. There is a way to do it, but it requires outside the box thinking…. The ‘truth-tellers’ need to think and, more importantly, operate like insurgents; accepting that federal law enforcement views the truth as adverse to their interests.

Until then, it is futile to expect the legislative branch to investigate the FBI or intelligence community, because the legislative branch oversight committees are helping the FBI and intelligence community carry out their corrupt activity. Meanwhile the DOJ (Garland and Monaco) are coordinating to keep the corruption from being exposed { Go Deep }.