(NOQReport) –

Many of us commentating on the 2020 Election understood just how vital the results of the election would be to the future of our country. I had been stating repeatedly that if Joe Biden won the election that America as we know it is almost certainly over.

My predictions were that if the Democrats gained control of the Federal government, they would take several steps to ensure that they remain in power for the remainder of my lifetime. They want to make Washington DC, Puerto Rico and possibly even the Samoan Islands states. This would ensure two to six more Democrat senators and several more Representatives. They want to make illegal immigrants citizens, which will increase the Dems’ voting base by 10-30 millions votes… they wouldn’t even have to cheat to win an election!

They want to lower the voting age from 18 down to 16. More Democrat voters. They want to give felons the right to vote. Even more Democrat votes. Every single thing that they want to implement comes down to one common theme: hang onto power for as long as possible.

At the same time, they are fundamentally changing the landscape of our society with their embracing of Critical Race Theory, Income Inequality, Climate Change and the shredding of the Constitution of the United States. If they have their way for the next three years, there’s no coming back from the utter destructions that will ensue.

This brings me to my prediction for what’s next: One of three scenarios are going to play out. The most likely scenario is the worst on… Conservatives concede and go back to business-as-usual and the globalists take over and fundamentally change America from the beacon of freedom and liberty to yet another socialist and globalist society. No more rights, no more liberties… no more freedom. Constitutionalists will become an enemy of the state. They’ll beat us down into submission. We’ll no longer be a free country.

The second scenario is slightly less likely, more divisive, but will also result in a possibility of freedom for a portion of Americans. In this scenario we see conservatives take a stand politically. This might be through red states banding together and pushing back against the tyranny of the federal government, refusing to submit to illegal and unconstitutional laws. In this scenario we see the potential for a civil war of sorts, whether states vs states (less likely) or an ideological war (more likely). I pray that it does not come to this, but if it does there’s at least a chance of preserving freedom for the portion of Americans that want it.

The final scenario is by far the least likely, but has the greatest reward. This is not a short-term sprint, but a long-term marathon. We win this battle by changing the hearts and minds of the America people with the truth of the Gospel and of the freedom and liberty written into the Constitution of the United States of America. In this scenario an army of American citizens would wake up to the evils of socialism and push back against the tyranny of the globalist agenda.

Our Founding Fathers understood checks and balances, and one of the biggest ones was the American people. If our government were to ever get out of control and drunk with power, they intended for the people to rise up and take back the nation. If we are going to accomplish this, we’ve got a lot of work to do!

We have a decision to make: Which path forward to we want to take. Option 1 ensures the destruction of America. Option 2 ensures that at least a portion of America will remain under tyrannical rule, yet risks include violence and civil war. Option 3 has a slim chance of success, but if we pull it off we’ll experience the saving of America and the preservation of the rights that we acknowledge are bestowed upon us by God Himself. I’m going for the latter.

Do not get complacent. Do not give up. Now is the time to wage this battle over the minds and hearts of the American people.