(AmericanThinker) – Before I get to the missing link subject of this article, I want to be clear that I think there’s a broader missing link in the leftist brain. That link is for logical thinking and truth recognition. We’ve been asked – no, it’s demanded of us – to ignore critical thought for so long, that some people have forgotten how to think and question. We all need to exercise our minds, and be vocal, too.

The specific missing link I’m talking about is in the COVID dialogue. As I watch California attempt to send its populace into another panic over the Delta variant, I realize that much angst could have been (still can be) avoided if we do one simple thing: Even if you staunchly believe all the COVID news, believe ( erroneously ) in the safety of the vaccines, believe ( erroneously ) that masks are a help in stopping the spread, and respect the ( craven ) people and government entities providing all this information, there’s a piece of the jigsaw that’s been purposely left out of the box.

That piece? Antibody testing. This is the test that will tell if you’ve had COVID and, therefore, developed natural antibodies . We know that people who had the virus have antibodies, which do a fine job of preventing them from getting COVID again. Those who have already had COVID are also the people who have had the worst reactions to the shots. I want to be clear about one more thing here – I’m talking about adults. In my humble opinion, given that children don’t succumb to COVID infection, they should never be vaccinated for it.

About 34 million people have had, and survived, COVID. The death rate from those who had the virus is between 1-2%, and that number reflects primarily the elderly and people with co-morbidities . Nobody who survived COVID needs to have the vaccine.

If you have antibodies, they are better than having had the jab, in terms of keeping you from further infection. A large percentage of people who’ve had the shots are getting ” breakthrough ” cases of COVID. Vaccines certainly don’t protect everyone, so the claim that they do is a blatant lie.

The logical sequence of events, from the start of the big vaccination drive, should have been (1) get your antibody test and then (2) if you don’t have antibodies, get the vaccine if you want it.

A “vaccine passport,” is simply a form of government control. Without it at this point, we are punished by being excluded from most activities of a fun nature, things such as concerts, cruises, etc. Instead of a vaccine passport, if they switched to an Immunity Passport, the dread millions of us have of taking the shot would be allayed. It shouldn’t say whether you have had a vaccine, it should simply say whether you have immunity to COVID. That is “equity” in the realm of health care, even under the current draconian system.

The test, per WebMD , is a simple finger-prick blood test done at a lab. The three-page article is not dated, but one might assume that WebMD keeps its articles relatively up-to-date. It mentions that the government is “looking for” 10,000 people to get this test, to determine how many people have had COVID without knowing it. It adds a link to email the NIH to participate in this study. It says the test is “claimed to be” 100% accurate, and that the government monitors such facts. One further thing it talks about is the donation of Convalescent Plasma , which has been shown to help with treating people with COVID. Again, that’s something that has seemingly fallen by the wayside in the vaccination push, but its website, at least, still exists.

This antibody test, to clarify, is not an alternative to the Coronavirus test. That one is advised if you think you’re sick and want to be sure it’s with COVID. This one is for when you think you have had COVID at some point.

From my POV, I’ll be happy if I have antibodies. The Delta variant appears less deadly, and it’s easily transmitted. I’m out and about a lot, and I just got over a few days of being sick with a headache and sore throat, muscle aches, a slight fever – the apparently mild symptoms of Delta. So maybe I’ve had it.

I’d like to know, no matter what, because having all the facts makes an informed decision easier. I’ve been sick, mildly, a couple of other times since the beginning of COVID. Being a healthy person, I don’t stay sick for long. If I could get my “passport” stamped IMMUNE, I’d be happy. Since I’ll never take the jab, it would allow me to live my life as a free citizen once again.

The absolute lunacy of not doing what I just suggested is to the benefit of those who want to maintain tight control over society, rather than the people they supposedly serve.