(thepostmillennial)The heads of the Texas baseball team still firmly believe that hosting opening day at full capacity won’t be a COVID  “super-spreader” event.

US President Joe Biden has recently taken to using professional sports as a political bargaining chip. He publicly backed the move of relocating the MLB All-Star game out of Georgia as a form of protest to a recently passed voting law.

But the leadership behind the Texas Rangers baseball team has kept their calm. They plan to bring baseball back in earnest given the thumbs-up to reopen from Governor Greg Abbott given at the beginning of March.

According to Fox News, Texas Rangers executive Jon Daniels has a ground rebuttal to President Biden’s remarks regarding the team opening at full capacity for opening day at Globe Life field on April 5th.

“I think after Opening Day, reality is we’re not going to be at full capacity, I doubt it,” Daniels told 105.3 THE FAN. He’s optimistic that attendees will act responsibly on their own accord.

Fox News also notes the less than stellar track record of the Rangers, performance wise. Not making the playoffs in six of the last eight seasons puts a damper on fan enthusiasm.

“I do see it’s kind of a complex issue and I do see why the President would say what he said,” observes Daniels.

His remarks cool the temperature on the combative stance President Biden took in his earlier statements. “Well that’s a decision they made, they should have listened to Dr. Fauci and the scientists and the experts, I think it’s not responsible,” Biden told ESPN yesterday.

But even Rangers CEO Neil Leibman’s outlook is less hyperbolic. Confident it won’t be “super-spreader” levels of doom, last month Leibman said: “With all the protocols that we’re following, we’ll be extremely responsible and provide a very comfortable environment for somebody to enjoy the game without worrying we’re going to be a spreader event.”

In related news, a few days ago the White House said President Biden would not participate in the tradition of throwing the first pitch at opening day for the Washington Nationals.