This case could set precedent for thousands of families

(Infowars) – Jeff Younger joins David Knight to talk about the war against the family by courts and administrative states.

Will he go to jail for refusing to pay for the chemical castration of his 6-year-old son (pictured above) when the child doesn’t present himself as a girl if not in the custody of his mother who is pushing gender transition?

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Flashback: Father Helpless As Mother Plans To Castrate, Medicate 6-Year-Old Son

This man’s custody battle over his son is the stuff of nightmares.

Jeffrey Younger wants nothing more than for his son James to have a happy, healthy childhood.

Meanwhile, Younger’s ex-wife insists that little James identifies as a girl, and she’s duped the courts into mandating that Younger treat James accordingly or risk losing custody of his child.

James is one of Younger’s 6-year-old fraternal twin boys, and the boys’ mother, Anne Georgulas, insists little James identifies as female “Luna” and alleges Younger is abusing the child by not “affirming” his gender identity.

According to court documents found on, a website organized to bring awareness to this awful court battle, “the Father has engaged in emotionally abusive behavior toward the child.”

The document points to a “boyish haircut” as an example of “non-affirming actions.”

The lawsuit suggests some very harsh terms and conditions for Younger himself as well, including virtual re-education classes aimed at teaching him “how his actions and non-affirming behavior could be harmful to the child’s emotional and well-being.”

The worst part, of course, is that Georgulas aims to restrict Younger’s access to both his sons “if he fails to affirm Luna.”

But what happens when Georgulas isn’t around is what’s really striking, and indicates that she may in fact be the abusive parent.

As Walt Heyer, a former transgender, explains in the Federalist, “Luna” only seems to appear around Georgulas. When James is with his father, he “seems natural and happy being a boy,” a behavior that seems to cast serious doubt on the child’s gender dysphoria diagnosis.

A common practice once a child has been diagnosed with gender dysphoria is to use hormone puberty blockers to stop or slow the child’s development.

Younger has filed a countersuit, which includes demands for a drug test so he may know if either of his sons has been given medication.

Can you imagine any of this insanity ten or fifteen years ago? To think that a child as young as six is caught in the crosshairs of the harmful, seriously questionable gender ideology and a mother who wants to keep him from his father.

According to a fact sheet posted on, his mothers’ insistence that he identify as a girl could result in some seriously disturbing consequences for the child.

For example, sex-change operations on children are perfectly legal in the state of Texas, and may involve chemical castration of children as young as 8. Parents can be made to pay for this barbaric procedure whether they agree with the child’s “transition” or not.

Sexual reassignment surgeries are rarely reversible, by the way, but it is certainly the psychological wounds that have a much longer-lasting impact.

A study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics explains that suicide and attempted suicide among transgender youths are dramatically higher than the general population, up to 50 percent, in fact.

Children who identify with their biological gender under the age of 15, on the other hand, have a suicide rate in the single-digits, according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Simply growing up in a broken home as James and his brother are is statistically risky enough. The Institute of American values reports that married parents may be the single most important factor in the future success of a child.

Sadly for James, he has far more to worry about than divorced parents.

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