Steve Scalise Says Lawmakers Should Address Mental Health Before Limiting Rights

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 12:57 PM PT — February 26, 2018

Congressman Steve Scalise says lawmakers should focus on addressing mental health instead of being so quick to attack the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Congressman Steve Scalise. (AP Photo)

During an interview Monday, the House majority whip said it’s more important to find out what went wrong prior to the Florida school shooting.

Scalise said there were several breakdowns on all levels of government, which shows why so many people want to have the right to defend themselves.

He also said armed police officers saved his life and several others when he was shot at a congressional baseball practice last year.

“We’ve seen so many breakdowns in different levels of government — federal, of course, with the FBI completely dropping the ball months ago when they had this kid handed to them on a silver platter,” Scalise commented. “At the local level, we’re finding out more and more disturbing information about the local sheriff’s deputies, at least one or more who were on that site armed to protect those kids, who stayed outside instead..”

Scalise went on to urge lawmakers to pray for the victims, and make sure law-abiding citizens are able to maintain their rights.

Source: oan