Crowder says writer never asked his team for comment prior to publication

(Newswars) – In a recorded call, conservative talk show host Steven Crowder blasted an Austin Chronicle writer for what he called inaccuracies in her reporting, failing to embed his video the article was about and for not contacting his team for comment.

The controversy began after the Austin Chronicle published a July 13 article accusing Crowder of harassing a JuiceLand employee who was accused of posting Crowder’s location when he was in town and threatening to slash Crowder’s tires.

For clarity, here’s what Western Journalism had to say about the incident:

So, when Crowder came into the juice bar and confronted the barista, you would think the immediate shock of recognition would be enough to provoke a reaction. Yet, the individual claimed not to even know who Crowder was.

That’s when Crowder brought out a placard showing the threats that had been made online.

That’s when a very embarrassed barista decided to deflect and say that they were all working there, and it was time for Crowder to leave. However, Crowder refused, even with the intervention of the manager. All Crowder wanted was the post taken down, something the barista refused to do while still denying having written the posts. And then chaos broke loose.

The JuiceLand confrontation was caught entirely on tape, yet shockingly the Austin Chronicle chose NOT to embed the video in the article despite the entire premise of the article revolving around the video.

And the writer even admitted she could’ve reached out to Crowder directly via social media for a comment prior to publication, but didn’t. According to her own article:

We also reached out to CRTV for comment and they told us via email, “We do not have direct contact with the show hosts through this contact page. The best way to reach out to Steven Crowder and the Louder with Crowder Team is through their Social Media pages on Facebook and Twitter.” We’re not about to fall into that trap.

Fall into what trap? Isn’t that basic journalism? Why not send a direct request for a comment that would be read by him or at least his producers, especially as that’s what she was advised to do?

This, combined with what Crowder called inaccuracies in the article, prompted the conservative host to talk to her on the phone.

“The article never featured the video and it was riddled with inaccuracies,” Crowder said. “So we tried to reach this girl [the writer] and we weren’t able to reach the author, but then she called us back, which is what you’re about to hear.”

“It’s not about the Austin Chronicle,” he added. “I get it, not many people read it, but what it’s about is the media at large… getting away with this scot-free for so long.”

The phone call, which is nearly 30 minutes long, is worth watching in its entirety:

Infowars reached out to the writer for comment late this morning but has not yet received a response.