(Breitbart) – Monday on MSNBC’s “MTP Daily,” Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) said there were “voices all over American crying for impeachment” of President Donald Trump.

When asked if she believes the president may have committed a crime, Jackson Lee said, “I think as we have looked at all of the documents we’re certainly near that. We certainly have evidence of intent, and we have evidence of others that shows that something went awry. For example, the check that Michael Cohen, a copy of, very openly and very directly held up, the moneys utilized to pay regarding Stormy Daniels during the time of the president’s service to this nation and out of a private trust, or a trust under his jurisdiction — that begs the question of whether or not a crime has been committed.”

She continued, “The Constitution stands as a standard bearer for the rule of law. As our investigations proceeds and over and over again the violations of the Constitution are clear, then I would say to you that we’re moving into a space of high crimes and misdemeanor. But again, this committee’s obligation is to one assess, and as our chairman, as done, made general comments that’s we believe crimes have been perpetrated. Obstruction of Justice seems to be well documented. But we want to make it where we’re listening to persons and looking at documents because we’re going to call for these witnesses for the American people to hear. And we will have documents to associate with their testimony and then, of course, the question of public corruption. That combination begins to lay the groundwork for the Constitutional act of high crimes and misdemeanor.”

She added, “As you well know, there are voices all over American crying for impeachment, and they have the right to do that. And that is a voice that will be heard. And we will provide the data and the documentation for the Judiciary Committee to do do its right job.”