Santa’s List of Businesses That Are Naughty and Nice to Conservatives


    (PJMedia) – Christmas is only ten days away, yet some people just don’t seem interested in playing nice. We’ve got a list of businesses that do and do not deserve a visit from Santa. Let’s dig in.


    Coca-Cola went full woke racist by utilizing a mandatory “be less white” tutorial for new employees. What does it mean to “be less white”? According to Woka-Cola, it means being less arrogant, oppressive, certain, defensive, and ignorant.

    If Coke wants to fawn over the woke crowd, have at it. For Christmas, Coke deserves skydiving sales. I have no problem boycotting them for their blatant anti-white racism.


    Dr. Pepper, 7-Up, and Snapple are owned by the same company. Their political action committees (PACs) and employees donate almost exclusively to Republican politicians, and they haven’t tried to tell our kids that they are inherently ignorant and racist because of their skin color. My standard soda is now Diet Dr. Pepper and the numerous bigot-free flavors they offer.


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    When it comes to fast food I frown on the clown. McDonald’s went full BLM with this tweet:

    Trayvon Martin was shot by the Hispanic guy he was beating. George Floyd was saying “I can’t breathe” before a policeman put his knee on Floyd’s neck. If he hadn’t used a lethal amount of fentanyl , had COVID , and resisted arrest for so long, he might be alive today (and no, I’m not saying his death was justified in any way).

    Arbery’s killers could go to prison forever because they foolishly thought they could pull off a citizen’s arrest . Arbery fought them and lost. The deaths of Jean and Jefferson, though tragic, weren’t due to “racism” and including them and Arbery with criminals, for the sake of making a point on racism, is offensive to their memories.

    This tweet by McDonald’s is pure race-baiting and an embarrassing marketing move: standing on the bodies of dead black people to sell crappy hamburgers. Pure bootlickery.


    My favorite “nice” fast food is Arby’s. For starters, I love their food. Also, their affiliates donate way more money to Republicans than Democrats. The best part of Arby’s is that they haven’t, to the best of my knowledge, tweeted anything as painful as the McDonald’s “They were one of us” tweet.


    Anheuser-Busch, the maker of Budweiser, went full woke earlier, as reported by PJ Media’s own Stacey Lennox. They created and are using a 15-module training program for new employees called “To Be Welcoming,” which is ” based on critical race and gender theory .” Yecch. Like Bud and Busch aren’t bad enough.


    Molson-Coors donates more money to Republicans than Democrats. Yuengling, America’s oldest brewery, supported Trump , even though cry-baby libs screamed for a boycott.

    I started drinking Yuengling years ago and haven’t stopped. Since I learned they support Trump, I’ve become an even bigger fan. I admire a beer that isn’t afraid of hair-bunned, soi-boi sallies.


    Dick’s Sporting Goods stopped selling guns at hundreds of their stores after the Parkland, Fla., mass shooting in 2018. Their sales went down like the Hindenburg. They never brought guns back to most locations. I guess they enjoyed the liberal applause.

    I’m gonna guess someone with the Twitter handle ” L McFadyen-Ketchum GET VACCINATED/MASK UP” spends a lot of dough on sporting goods (sarcasm). I’m sure Dick’s is popular in Australia.


    Bass Pro Shops are all-American. While Dick’s limped away from guns, Bass Pro went full auto on the 2nd Amendment. Bass Pro donates to Republican politicians and has partnered with the NRA on projects. Bass Pro owns Cabela’s. Both stores look more like museums than sporting goods stores, and I highly recommend both.

    Mike Lindell is the only pillow guy I know of, naughty or nice. I’m mentioning him here because his company, MyPillow, has been booted by “woke” retailers everywhere . His crime? Supporting Trump.