RUSSIA has unveiled its Arctic military base filled with nuclear warplanes in a show of strength after war fears with the US.

Built in the desolate Franz Josef Land, where winter temperatures plummet to -40C, the huge base covers 14,000 square metres.

It’s the second unit built in the Arctic, where Russia plans to cash in on the region’s oil and gas reserves which are said to be worth as much as £23trillion.

the arctic base
MIL.RUREVEALED: The base will hold 150 troops capable of surviving the -40 temperatures
Russia has even offered a virtual tour of the new base, although their top secret weapons and military hardware remain hidden from sight.Aside from preparing for war, troops stationed in the five-storey complex can also visit the facility’s cinema, table tennis and billiards room.And Putin’s army will also be joined by sled-pulling huskies and reindeer special forces.

It comes after Russia boasted it could wipe out America’s Navy with an “electronic bomb”.

ARCTIC: Russia has revealed its newest base in the North Pole
The iron-fisted leader was pictured visiting the impressive ice base which has been built on stilts to withstand the bone-chilling temperatures.Officials are considering deploying a range of military jets which can shoot down long and short range bombers.Russian military expert Igor Sutyagin said the base will be key for surveillance, and include both anti-ship and anti-aircraft defences.
the base
WAR: Russia is considering deploying hundreds of bomber planes to the base
He told Newsweek: “The problem with Russian defense is that until recently the Russian military had a huge gap in its radar coverage on its Arctic coast.“It meant that virtually everybody could enter the waters without notice. Now you need radar so you are just aware of what passes through.”The Arctic is thought to hold more hydrocarbon reserves than Saudi Arabia.Source: