(The Post Millennial) – A photo posted to Twitter on Wednesday shows militia members wearing helmets and all black, armed with rifles outside of the Georgia State Capitol.

“Masked, helmeted private militia carrying AK47s and AR15s showed up today at the State Capitol. You have not heard about it because the gunmen are radical leftists. Imagine the news coverage if one of them was wearing a MAGA cap,” the post made by former US Senator David Schafer reads.

People have been gathering at the Georgia State Capitol to protest the controversial SB 202 bill targeting voter laws, which protestors are calling voter suppression.

Representative Park Cannon was arrested after reportedly knocking on Governor Kemp’s door during the signing of the bill into law. She was escorted back onto the property Monday by a large crowd of supporters.

March 31st is Sine Die, or the last day of Georgia’s legislative session. Along with boycotting SB 202, protestors are watching two other bills, SB 115 and HB 289, according to a tweet from the Asian American Advocacy Fund.

SB 115 looks to “place responsibility on community members to remain safe while interacting with police officers,” while HB 289 “creates barriers for protestors by incentivizing counties and municipalities to prevent protests from happening.”