(TreeHouse) – After many years of granular research about the intelligence apparatus inside our government, in the summer of 2020 I visited Washington DC to ask specific questions.

My goal was to go where the influence agents within government actually operate, and discover the people deep inside the institutions no-one pays any attention to.

It was during this process when I discovered how information is purposefully put into containment silos; essentially a formal process to block the flow of information between agencies, and between the original branches. While frustrating to discover, the silo effect was important to understand because comprehension of communication networks leads to our ability to reconcile conflict between what we perceive and what’s actually taking place.

In the next few days I am going to explain how the Intelligence Branch works: (1) to control every other branch of government; (2) how it functions as an entirely independent branch of government with no oversight; (3) how and why it was created to be independent from oversight; (4) what is the current mission of the IC Branch, and most importantly (5) who operates it.

When we understand how the Fourth Branch works, questions about our dysfunctional U.S. modern government are answered. Additionally, the motives and intentions of people inside the institutions start to reconcile. Before beginning a deeper explanation, here’s an example almost everyone overlooked. Remind yourself of a question raised in March of 2017 by Elise Stefanik, and a set of follow-up questions that were never asked.

In April of 2016 the FBI launched a counterintelligence operation against presidential candidate Donald Trump. The questioning about that operation is what Rep. Stefanik cites in March of 2017, approximately 11 months later.

Things to note:

Notice how FBI Director James Comey just matter-of-factly explains no-one outside the DOJ was informed about the FBI operation. Why? Because that’s just the way things are done. His justification for unilateral operations was ” because of the sensitivity of the matter “, totally ignoring any constitutional or regulatory framework for oversight; because, well, quite simply, there isn’t any. The intelligence apparatus inside the DOJ/FBI can, and does, operate based on their own independent determinations of authority.

Notice also how FBI Director Comey shares his perspective that informing the National Security Council (NSC) is the equivalent of notifying the White House. The FBI leadership expressly believe they bear no responsibility to brief the chief executive. As long as they tell some unknown, unelected, bureaucratic entity inside the NSC their unwritten responsibility to inform the top of their institutional silo is complete. If the IC wants to carve out the Oval Office, they simply plant information inside the NSC and, from their perspective, their civic responsibility to follow checks-and-balances is complete. This is an intentional construct.

Notice how Comey obfuscates notification to the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), by avoiding the fact James Clapper was the DNI from outset of the counterintelligence operation throughout the remainder of Obama’s term. When I get deeper into the process we will understand how the Intelligence Branch has intentionally used the creation of the DNI position (established post 9/11/01) as a method to avoid oversight, not enhance it. Keeping an oblivious doofus like James Clapper in position held strategic value [ Doofus Reminder HERE ].

Also, watch this. Another reminder… and it is likely many readers have forgotten… and watch closely :


That video of James Comey being questioned by Elise Stefanik was the first example given to me by someone who knew the background of everything that was taking place preceding that March 20, 2017, hearing. That FBI reference point is a key to understand how the Intelligence Branch operates with unilateral authority above congress (legislative branch), above the White House (executive branch), and even above the court system (judicial branch).

After four days of research and meetings in DC during 2020; amid a town that was serendipitously shut down due to COVID; I found a letter slid under the door of my nearly empty hotel room with an introduction of sorts. The subsequent discussions were perhaps the most important. After hours of specific questions and answers on specific examples I realized why our nation is in this mess. That is when I discovered the fourth and superseding branch of government, the Intelligence Branch.

The intelligence branch is an independent functioning branch of government, it is no longer a subsidiary set of agencies within the executive branch as most would think. To understand the intelligence branch we need to drop the elementary school civics class lessons about three coequal branches of government, and replace that outlook with the modern system that created itself.

The intelligence branch functions, much like the State Dept, through a unique set of public-private partnerships that support it. Big Tech industry collaboration with intelligence operatives is part of that functioning; almost like an NGO. However, the process is much more important than most think. In this problematic perspective of a corrupt system of government, the process is the flaw – not the outcome.

There are people making decisions inside this little-known, unregulated and out-of-control branch of government that impact every facet of our lives.

None of the people operating deep inside the Intelligence Branch were elected; and our elected representative House members genuinely do not know how the system works. I know this because I have talked to House and Senate staffers, including the chiefs of staff for multiple House committee seats. They are clueless. That is part of the purpose of me explaining it, with examples, in full detail and sunlight.

There will be a new ‘category’ in the site search feature labeled ” Fourth Branch of Govt ” for all these research outlines which will show specifically how the Intelligence Branch operates…

Until we fix this modern bastardization of government it doesn’t matter who we elect into office. Politicians are irrelevant, albeit useful, gnats from the perspective of the people in control of the Intelligence Branch. If you doubt that, go watch Comey’s testimony again.