(Breitbart) – Adam “Pacman” Jones was always known for being able to supply a good quote during his playing days. Though, it appears the former Cincinnati Bengal might have saved his most colorful quote for an offseason trip to the casino.

Jones was arrested on February 27th during an altercation with police at an Indiana casino. However, what he said to the arresting officers after they tackled him while trying to escape, is making even more headlines.

According to TMZ Sports:

First off, officials say Indiana Gaming Commission Enforcement agents responded to Jones after he was suspected of ‘capping bets’ — which is shop talk for adding more chips to a bet after you know the outcome of the game.

Jones didn’t take kindly to the allegations — telling multiple officials, ‘F*ck you’ … while moving his hands in a threatening manner and gesturing with his middle finger, according to the court docs.

During the altercation, IGCE agent Christopher Norton says Jones turned to another IGCE agent and told him, ‘I will kill you … I will whoop your ass.’

Norton says Jones continued to act in a threatening manner, so he subdued the NFL player and placed him in handcuffs. It was then Norton says he smelled booze emitting from Pacman.

Jones continued to verbally harass the arresting officers as he was led away. However, according to TMZ, things were about to get even crazier.

While the agents were handing Jones over to the Ohio County Sheriff’s Dept., Jones managed to break out of custody and tried to make a run for it … but he was ultimately subdued by officers.

After he was recaptured, Jones continued to cuss out the cops — saying, ‘F*ck you,’ ‘Suck my d*ck’ and ‘You’re a bunch of crackers.’

Another officer claims Jones also said, ‘Suck my d*ck, n***er.’

Jones was hit with a litany of charges stemming from this incident, “including felony intimidation and felony battery against an officer.

“The other charges, all misdemeanors, include cheating at gambling, resisting law enforcement and public intoxication.”

Jones remains unsigned after getting released from the Denver Broncos in November. The 14-year veteran is well-traveled in the league, having played for Tennessee, Dallas, Cincinnati, and Denver.

Featured image credit: Dearborn County Jail