E-4B Nightwatch allows US to maintain chain of command in the event of a major conflict

(Infowars) – The Boeing E-4B Nightwatch, more commonly known as the ‘Doomsday plane’, went airborne minutes after Donald Trump vowed to strike Syria earlier this week.

The Nightwatch is an airborne nuclear war command center that allows the U.S. government to maintain a chain of command in the event of a major war.

One of the fleet of 10 doomsday planes is always kept in close proximity to the president, even when he is out of the country. The aircraft can stay airborne for up to 150 hours and has in-built electromagnetic pulse protection to survive the impact of a nuclear strike.

The Nightwatch took off from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Indiana shortly after President Trump tweeted that missiles “will be coming” despite Russia’s vow to shoot them down and attack launch pads.

Pentagon officials declined to comment on the deployment of the aircraft.

Another of the ‘doomsday planes’ – a Boeing 747 E-4B was also stationed over the White House shortly after the 9/11 attacks.

From everything Infowars understands, there is no “debate” on whether the Syria strike is happening or not. The only disagreements are over the number and location of targets to be hit.

While the media appears to be blasé about the threat of World War 3 – preferring instead to focus on James Comey’s salacious new book – more sober voices are offering stern warnings.

Professor emeritus of Russian studies at Princeton University and New York University Stephen Cohen told Tucker Carlson last night, “I am more worried than I have ever been in my life,” about a nuclear confrontation with Russia.