Normalizing Insanity


    (canadafreepress)Defunding and abolishing the police increases safety in American society is an insane statement. According to a report by CNN in June 2020, “There’s evidence that less policing can lead to less crime.”  Nonsense! Because if that’s true, why not eliminate all police, judges, DA’s, and everyone else associated with law enforcement. That should be the safest scenario of all.

    Freedom of speech is essential even though the left prohibits it. But crazy speech turned into absurd legislation is another matter

    The idea that men have no advantage over women in sports is another insane belief that has been implemented into action. In March 2021, NPR interviewed Dr. Eric Vilain, a pediatrician, and geneticist who studies sex differences in athletes. Vilain stated, “There are no good faith reasons to limit transgender women’s participation in sports, especially at the high school level.”  A downright insane statement, but he further noted that banning transgender athletes from competing in women’s sports generally isn’t based on scientific evidence, but rather “target women who have either a different biology or … simply look different.” Batsh#t crazy assertions polluting airspace on public radio.

    Maybe Vilain would consider allowing college students to compete against grammar school students or force the NBA to offer multimillion-dollar contracts to a certain percentage of players that represent the population under five feet in height?

    And then there is the shameless idiocy that open borders help the United States. Those supporting such nonsense have articulated that open borders would free up over $18 billion per year spent enforcing immigration laws. With that kind of logic, why not also eliminate prisons and free up more than 81 billion in taxpayer funds needed to pay for incarceration. Oh wait! these crazies have already proposed closing all of the prisons.

    The issue is not that the left has taken up indefensible positions on race, gender, and law that have crossed the line into the realm of insanity, but that society belittles and denigrates itself when it considers such nonsense.

    Freedom of speech is essential even though the left prohibits it. But crazy speech turned into absurd legislation is another matter.

    Stupidity of the left has influenced weak and spineless representatives

    The United States is on a precipice, sliding toward the abyss. Citizens have lost their livelihoods and are refused entry to restaurants because they didn’t get an injection. People are banned from communicating with other Americans because they have different opinions.

    Because the stupidity of the left has influenced weak and spineless representatives, Covid is perpetually on the march; inflation is hitting all-time highs, and violent crime is rising to heights only seen in broken societies.

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    Americans need to remember that fake news not only promotes that which is unreal but produces real consequences. The useful idiots and fearful followers of the left are not exempt from accountability. Misguided indoctrinated children, ignorant of the facts can steer a ship into the rocks just as well as the lunatics on the left.