(Breitbart) – Sunday on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” host Joy Reid said President Donald Trump is attempting to move on from the coronavirus pandemic and reopen the economy because it is “disproportionately killing people who are black and brown, which is not his base.”

Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather said, “Joy, I think it’s important to point out that this has developed as it became increasingly clear that those who are suffering the most from the coronavirus are people above a certain age and people below a certain level on the economic scale. And once the president became convinced, ‘Okay, it’s those people at the bottom end of the economic scale and some people above, say, age 70 or 80,’ then he took this strategy, this tactic saying, I’m just going to talk about positive things and let the devil take the high note with the deaths. That’s the way of normalizing the deaths.”

Reid said, “Yeah, it’s very —it’s hard to ignore the fact, absolutely as you said, as it has emerged also that it’s disproportionately killing people who are black and brown, which is not his base. You know, so he has sort of moved in a direction that can keep his base thinking, ‘Well those people are the ones at risk, it doesn’t matter to me.’ That is very difficult to miss as well.”

Flashback: MSNBC’s Joy Reid: Trump’s Fault That Nazis Are ‘Walking Around’ In America

On a January broadcast of MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” host Joy Reid blamed President Donald Trump for what she called Nazis “walking around” in America.

Reid said. “What we’re kind of all getting to is Donald Trump — we were talking about this in the hair and makeup room as well — he produces a kind of anxiety in people that is so profound. It’s part of the reason people are obsessively watching this show and Rachel Maddow. It’s like Rachel Maddow is sort of their psychologist at this point. People are afraid of not just what he can do but what he’s bringing out in people. The kind of people he is surfacing in the United States. You have swatting happening and Nazis walking around. It is a scary time.”

She continued, “You look at the polling on what Donald Trump has done, and rather than make people feel more confident, it’s made people more anxious. Here is the anxiety level in 2018 versus 2019. People are more anxious. Do people feel safer after the strike on Iran? They feel less safe. Everything he does makes people feel worse. So do you think that redounds in particular to any particular candidate?”

Writer Tony Schwartz said, “Let me start with the notion that energy is contagious. It’s disproportionately contagious when you have more influence. So the elevated nervous system of Trump, the anxiety of Trump gets communicated both to his supporters and to his antagonists.”