Females dragged across the floor by male staff

(Infowars) – Kaitlin Bennett breaks down a video out of Michigan showing Capitol Police forcibly removing peaceful protesters from the state’s capitol building.

Flashback: Hundreds Of Protesters – Many Of Them Armed – Enter Michigan Capitol — Police Block Doors To House Chamber (Video)

Hundreds of patriots gathered at Michigan’s capitol building in Lansing on Thursday, many gaining entry to the lobby, to protest the state’s proposed extension of its “stay-at-home” order.

Hundreds of photos and dozens of videos have been uploaded to the internet as people share a glimpse of what’s to come nationwide if the country doesn’t re-open soon.

Footage shows officers checking protesters’ temperatures before entering the capitol building.

In fact, #MichiganProtest is the #1 trending topic on all of Twitter – See the chaotic situation below:

Of course, liberal media and Democrat politicians who already oppose the protesters ideologically are even more upset that many of the demonstrators are exercising their Second Amendment rights in addition to the First.

Many leftists are claiming the armed protesters are “terrorists” who should be arrested.

Self-described “far left” commentator Bill Palmer wrote, “If you’re armed and you storm a government building, you’re not a “protester.” You’re a domestic terrorist in the midst of carrying out a terrorist attack. Law enforcement has a legal responsibility to treat you as such. No exceptions just because you’re white.”

Michigan State Senator Dayna Polehanki uploaded a photo of protesters with the caption, “Directly above me, men with rifles yelling at us. Some of my colleagues who own bullet proof vests are wearing them. I have never appreciated our Sergeants-at-Arms more than today.”

Tweets calling demonstrators terrorists and calling for their arrest received thousands of likes and retweets.

Many Twitter users attempted to focus on race, claiming armed minorities would be shot if they protested in a similar fashion.

Proving this narrative to be a total lie, a Twitter user uploaded images of black men in the group of Michigan protesters and one image of only white protesters, saying, “Liberal Media will report on one of these but not the other…”

A conservative Twitter user pointed out, “Armed gunmen stormed the Michigan Statehouse during the #MichiganProtest. Not a single shot was fired.”

This will not be the last time we see the left freak out over peaceful protesters exercising their right to carry firearms while opposing COVID-19 lockdown laws.