(Bearing Arms) – Gun rights activists are used to dealing with the stupid from anti-gunners. Social media especially is littered with armchair experts who talk about tasing or pepper spraying lawful gun owners carrying a firearm in according with all rules and regulations, then taking that gun from them until police arrive. It’s an effort to intimidate gun owners into not carrying firearms.

However, if you’re complying with the law, all the police would do is arrest the attacker for assault as well as any other charges that might be warranted.

Yet, a gun control activist is trying to claim that people who carry guns to polling places where it’s legal to do so are engaging in voter intimidation and he’s urging supporters to call the police.

Gun-control groups are launching a “voter protection campaign” to keep guns out of the polling booths this Election Day.

The social media campaign is encouraging voters who see people with firearms to text “Guns down” to 91990. Reports will be sent to nonpartisan election protection experts, who may contact authorities or send a lawyer to the polling place.

The groups are concerned about gun owners bringing their firearms to rallies and political events since the election of President Donald Trump, said Igor Volsky, Guns Down America director.

“Given the troubling political rhetoric we’ve seen over the last two years, and that guns are far too easy to obtain, this campaign will help the majority of Americans who believe that fewer guns keeps us safer fight back and cast their ballots free from fear of intimidation,” he said.

Now, the campaign is targeting voters in key districts in Florida, Texas, Indiana, Nevada, Wisconsin, Colorado, and Georgia. The problem? Only Florida, Texas, and Georgia specifically have laws banning guns in polling places.

That means Volsky’s efforts would tie up police in states where it’s not specifically illegal to carry a firearm because they make them feel icky.

While he may argue that this is an attempt at combating voter intimidation, it’s not. It’s not about voter intimidation, plain and simple. It’s an attempt to dissuade those who carry firearms from going to the polls in states where it may be perfectly legal to do so.

Two things Volsky and the rest of the gun-grabbing morons need to understand are that first, those who are carrying a firearm are in accordance with the law and are usually the last people in the world you need to worry about. Second, history has shown us that those who are most likely to commit violence for ideological reasons are Leftists, who almost universally support gun control policies.

In other words, it’s not about preventing violence at polling places. It’s about trying to keep the wrong sort–in other words, people who will support pro-gun candidates–out of the polls come November.

Volsky knows that by couching his rhetoric in the language of the fearful, few will be willing to call his efforts what they are.

If you’re carrying lawfully come election day and you can carry a firearm lawfully into your polling place, do it. Sure, they may call the police, but you do what you need to do, you vote, and then raise a middle finger salute to the individual who tried to intimidate you away from the polls.