(Breitbart) – Actor John Cusack lashed out at supporters of President Donald Trump after a photo showed him sitting in his seat during a military salute at a recent Chicago Cubs game.

“I didn’t stand up for Boeing military salute – fast enough for some maga fuck – see? don’t even have taste not to brand weapons company all over score board,” John Cusack said soon after a photo of him sitting during a Cubs game Boeing Military Salute went viral on social media.

The Twitter account CWBChicago later acknowledged that it had been blocked by Cusack.

“Flag sucking halfwits – maga deathkkkult freaks Being anti war – is pro troops – pro human,” the Hot Tub Time Machine star later said. Cusack also took a shot directly at President Trump, saying, “Trump. Wraps himself in the us flag – literarily hugs it . You think he’s a patriot ?”

Cusack, an ardent Bernie Sanders supporter, barely goes a day without calling the president, his supporters, or Republicans members of a “deathkkkult.” The 2012 actor also constantly calls for the impeachment of President Trump.

Last week, Cusack huddled with Democrats in Washington, D.C. for their “marathon public marathoning” of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s 448-page report and demanded that President Trump be “removed from office.”

Featured image credit: @CWBChicago