(Breitbart) – Thursday on SiriusXM’s “The Dean Obeidallah Show,” Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) said that President Donald Trump’s incompetence during his administration’s response to the coronavirus crisis could lead to “hundreds of thousands of deaths.”

Omar said, “I think with each day that goes by, it becomes clearer and clearer how badly this administration has completely failed the American people. We have the richest country in the world, and we have all kinds of advantages. Yet, thousands, hundreds of thousands of people could die because of his mismanagement, and his inability to be quite upfront with people is quite devastating. As you just pointed for weeks, the President downplayed this crisis and failed to ensure that there was proper testing. He still hasn’t fully utilized the Defense Production Act to get critical medical equipment in the field. We still don’t’ have enough tests.”

She continued, “He still continues to not recognize the role that he’s supposed to be playing when it comes to leading a nation that is facing a pandemic. We’re just seeing reports that places like New York and others desperately need ventilators, masks and gloves and gowns might not get them or might get enough until probably June.”

She added, “The level of incompetency and the narcissism that drives the need to constantly focus on what his poll numbers are, what the ratings look like, who is being nice to him and who isn’t is completely appalling.”

“We want him to pay attention, lead, be honest, and not be so focused on pointing fingers and just do his job.”