(thepostmillennial)Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens called for a “zero tolerance approach” for those who break coronavirus pandemic-related rules last Wednesday.

However, just hours later, Dilkens was photographed breaking pandemic-related restrictions on social gatherings. Dilkens can be seen raising his glass and smiling for the camera as he dined at the same table with seven others at Windsor’s Nico Taverna restaurant.

At the time the photograph was taken, Windsor was under “yellow” status as part of Ontario’s coronavirus lockdown policy. Under such restrictions, only six people may be seated at the same table at a time. Windsor has since entered “orange” status, limiting tables to four people.

Dilkens described the incident as an “unfortunate error on my part.”  He also claimed that he did not know that seating was restricted to six people at a time, and that last time he checked, as many as ten people were allowed to be seated together at a time. The Ontario government had announced the changes five days earlier.

“Listen, I made a mistake, I own up to it, I’m accountable for it, I should have known,” Dilkens told city council on Monday. “As mayor, there is responsibility for me to lead by example and showcase to all in our region that we need to follow all restrictions and guidelines to the letter.”

While Dilkens did not receive a fine like others who break lockdown restrictions do, he promised to donate an equivalent $750 to charity.