(thepostmillennial)A quiet Los Angeles street near San Dimas Park became the site of a gruesome crime scene after a sixty-six year old grandmother, Jeanne Edgar, and her dog were stabbed to death. ABC7 reports that this was “an apparently random rampage.”

The suspect, now identified as Ricardo Salvidar, first attempted to stab a man, Joe, but when the prospective victim fled, the suspect set his sights on Jeanne and her dog.

“Saldivar snatched the dog’s leash from its owner’s hand and yanked the animal away” Deputy Shawn Du Busky said, per San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

“He took the dog and started stabbing the dog,” said a witness. “She was trying to save her dog.”

It was reported by those at the scene that Joe rushed to Jeanne’s aid, but was too late. Joe grabbed a rock and threw it at the suspect’s face, knocking him out instantly. By the time first responders arrived, Jeanne and her dog were dead, but it is believed that had the suspect not been subdued, there would likely be many more victims. Joe was described as a “true hero” for his actions.

Grandmother and dog murdered while walking at a popular Los Angeles park

“He was taken to a hospital to be treated for head injuries. He is being held on $2 million bond. A motive for the attack has not been determined,” reports Fox News.

A small memorial has been set up on the sidewalk in Jeanne’s memory.