Four Takeaways From Kamala Harris’ European Sojourn


    (PJMedia) – Kamala Harris finally took her European vacation , and while it was overshadowed by domestic affairs, a few relevant incidents occurred that merit analysis.

    1. The vice president is socially awkward with aberrant interpersonal skills . There’s a reason she’s historically unpopular, and despite what leftist bigots such as Jimmy Kimmel say , even non-partisan folks have long found Harris to be abrasive and smug.

    2. What happened to the fence-mending ?

    Say what you will about the recent covert nuclear-powered submarine deal that helps Australia deter China in the Pacific, but the French were irate over the reneging. Even President Joe Biden admitted it was not done with much grace.

    Harris refused to discuss it, claiming the dispute “was not the purpose of the trip.” Instead, she lapsed into cultural Marxist discussions about “global inequality” – as if that can be cured.

    3. The Friday press conference in Paris, was, I suppose, “better” than usual, compared to her prior debacles – even if Harris never actually said anything of substance other than denying the obvious .

    But she erred on crippling inflation in such a tone-deaf way, even NPR progressives noticed:

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    As our colleague Ed Morrissey concluded Friday , one should lay blame for inflation pain on Biden and Harris.

    “For months, Biden has ignored the obvious warning signs in the CPI. Instead, he’s clucked about ‘transitory’ inflation and tried to tell consumers that they should be grateful for the economic activity that inflation provides,” wrote Morrissey. “Only this week did Biden or Harris take it seriously, long after voters started feeling the pain of inflation. This bumbling response to an obvious question shows that Biden’s not the only one who’s completely out of touch. And this is why getting rid of Harris won’t solve Biden’s problem, because Harris is only an echo of the problems Biden brings to the table himself.”

    Their press secretary, however, still doesn’t care about regular Americans’ concerns.

    4. With Biden likely not running for a second term, the vice president would normally be the party’s candidate for 2024. But, because Harris is so inept and unpopular , she is not necessarily the Democrats’ frontrunner.

    If she doesn’t want to be challenged in a primary by a Stacey Abrams, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Gavin Newsom, J.B Pritzker, or Elizabeth Warren, Harris should no longer give cackling softball interviews and instead should remain serious. That is her best approach in the future if she thinks she has any chance of reaching the Oval Office on the strength of her own performance, instead of failing upwards.