Run by same Islamist group who created New Mexico terror camp in 2018

(Infowars) – The FBI has discovered an Islamic terror training camp outside of Tuskegee, Alabama, according to reports.

A piece of property in Macon County has been described by an FBI search warrant as a “makeshift military-style obstacle course” belonging to a radical Islamist group led by Siraj Wahhaj, the same individual who was arrested in 2018 for running a terror training compound in New Mexico.

“Just because you’re in a small town or a small state does not mean you might not potentially have individuals engaged in the types of activities that would call into question threats to national security,” said Tim Fuhrman, former FBI Special Agent of the Mobile, Alabama, field office.

Additionally, local media reports remains of a child were found on the property.

“In the Alabama case the group may not have carried out an attack, but the remains of a child believed to belong to Wahhaj, who is being charged with kidnapping were also found on the property,” ABC3340 reported.

Wahhaj was arrested in the summer of 2018 after authorities discovered he had been training several young children to commit mass shootings against Americans in schools.

Authorities charged Wahhaj with kidnapping after recovering a dead child in the New Mexico compound.

Far-left judge Sarah Backus released Wahhaj and the rest of his group shortly after, arguing that the state had failed to prove the suspects were a “danger to the community.”

These revelations come just days after FBI Assistant Director for the Counterterrorism Division Michael McGarrity testified on Capitol Hill that they have 850 open domestic terrorism investigations currently open.