Tech giant celebrates ‘Earth Day’ but completely snubs Easter Sunday

(Infowars) – Tech giant Google celebrated the globalist-created “Earth Day” on its homepage on Monday, but chose to ignore Easter Sunday – Christianity’s holiest day.

Rather than show a cross, colored eggs, or even the Easter Bunny, Google showed nothing on its homepage acknowledging the Easter holiday.

But it sure made the effort to celebrate “Earth Day,” which promotes the idea that humans are the scourge of the planet.

Google’s decision to ignore Easter is blatant and obvious when you consider the litany of obscure and little-known “holidays” Google chooses to celebrate, such as “Duygu Asena’s 73rd Birthday,” “Teacher’s Day,” and the “100th Anniversary of Bauhaus.”

Of course, this is part of the establishment’s larger campaign to erase Christianity from history and the cultural consciousness.

For example, former President Obama and presidential loser Hillary Clinton referred to the hundreds of Christian victims of the Sri Lanka Easter bombing as “Easter worshippers.”

Additionally, just look at how the media covered the Sri Lanka terror attacks versus the Christchurch attack, where they downplayed Islam’s role in the bombings but then blamed all white people for the mosque shooting in New Zealand.

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