(NOQReport) – The message is failing to reach the masses. With as much risk that is blatantly apparent regarding the Covid-19 “vaccines,” it’s nothing short of tragic that so few have heard any of it. They do not realize there have already been over 400,000 adverse reactions to the “vaccines” reported to the CDC. When we consider that only 10% or fewer adverse reactions are ever reported, it’s crystal clear there’s a major problem with these injections.

We must get the word out and Dr. Robert Malone may be the key. He is the inventor of the very technology employed by Pfizer and Moderna in their mRNA injections. His credentials, experience, and authority are unquestionable, yet he’s being treated like a teenage conspiracy theorist by mainstream media and Big Tech. He’s being canceled and we must do everything we can to keep that from happening. No, that does not mean we can “fight” Big Tech, at least not on their turf. But sites like The Liberty Daily and NOQ Report are spreading the truth and we must join in the fight to get Dr. Malone’s and others’ messages out to the world.

The stakes are high as more parents are being pushed to get their kids vaccinated while college students are being forced into it. These vaccines are far worse than simply being unnecessary. They’ve proven to be far more dangerous to the young than Covid-19 itself, yet the push to vaccinate everyone is so strong that the warnings are being drowned out.

If more people would listen to Dr. Malone, Dr. Joseph Mercola, and others who are speaking the truth and asking all the right questions, the effects would be more than just preventing the unvaccinated remnant from making a tragic mistake. It would also help to expose the cabal of various entities that are lying to us all. Government, Big Tech, academia, mainstream media, and Big Pharma are all working together to pressure the unvaccinated into relenting to their will. They will not stop until the unvaccinated virtually do not exist.

For now, that manifests as pressure, but it’s going to get much worse if we do not act quickly. They will turn to more mandates and the use of force to get us to comply with their evil desires. If you question whether or not they realize it’s evil, let’s better classify the “pro-vaxxers.” There are the ignorant brainwashed vaccine-pushers and there are the fully aware and evil ones. That’s it. And just as ignorance is no excuse for committing a crime, so too is it not a valid excuse for trying to force us all into the world of the vaccinated.

The “arbiters of truth” at YouTube, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, Facebook, and Twitter have all done their part to wipe Dr. Robert Malone from existence in the digital world. They do not want him heard. For those who are aware of his existence, these arbiters of truth do not want him found. The scrubbing of Dr. Malone is the most evil manifestation of censorship we’ve seen in the modern era because he represents a credible voice of reason countering the unhinged narrative being propagated around us.

We need to spread the word while we still can. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re either not on Facebook and Twitter or won’t be allowed there much longer. While we can, we must alert people to sites like ours, NOQ Report , The Liberty Daily , Children’s Health Defense , Natural News , Mercola , and others who are speaking the truth about Covid-19 and the vaccines. Soon, our voices will be isolated and diminished which is why getting these sites out to friends and family is so very important.

There are plenty of lukewarm conservative news sites out there unwilling to tell the truth about the Covid-19 “vaccines” simply because doing so will cut off their traffic from Big Tech. Sites like ours are not beholden to Big Tech. We are spread through emails and by word of mouth, and we’re asking you to do it even more right now. Dr. Malone’s message is one of the most important ones out there right now, but unfortunately it’s not out there enough. We must do what we can to reverse his digital cancellation.