• Russian President Vladimir Putin made the announcement on Russian State Television.
  • The statement indicates desire for a Soviet Union Resurrection.
  • It is clear in the near future, the Kremlin plan is the resurrection of the Soviet Union.

Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared on his regular scheduled  program over the weekend. The program is titled Moscow, Kremlin, Putin and the main plot of the program is to provide updates to the nation by Putin himself. TV channel Russia-1 offers the program every week to viewers who care about the fate of Russia.

Russia-1 TV Station Emblem.

Russia-1 is government  owned Russian television channel. It first aired during Soviet Era in the 1951 as Program 1. It was relaunched as Russia-1, shortly after Soviet Union collapse in the 1991.  first aired on 22 March 1951 as Program One in the Soviet Union. It was relaunched as RTR on the 13 May 1991. The channel is the most prestigious channel in Russia and anyone, who works on it or appears considers it huge privilege.

The program depicts Putin in a favorable light. After all, an ordinary person is just as interested in finding out about the working day of the main person of the country. According to the program description, the purpose of the program to address issues and report on progress that takes place. It also discusses the trips Putin takes and how they impact the interests of Russia and its populous. The program was created specifically for Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The host of this program is a well-known TV journalist Vladimir Solovyov, who also has his own author’s TV program on the TV channel Russia-1. Additionally, the program shows exclusive footage.

Over the weekend Putin provided his weekly update. What was out of the ordinary, even though it was predicted, was that Putin claimed the nation is ready for the resurrection of the Soviet Union. The exact verbatim included stating that fear of any resurgence of the Soviet Union is gradually disappearing.

Putin stated former Soviet Block nations are not advancing to the path of a Soviet Union resurrection as quickly as they could. He believes there is nothing surprising or even out of the ordinary for the Soviet Union to come together again. It is plausible to believe that this will be the official the next step after following through with Russian constitution amendments.

The exact verbatim used by Putin:

“Nevertheless, we must say this directly: overcoming some phobias of the past, overcoming fears about the rebirth of the Soviet Union and the Soviet Empire, we still understand that the unification of efforts is underway.”

Vladimir Soloviev Russian Journalist.

Which nations will be first to join or forced to join? How would it impact all the other former Eastern Block nations. If a Soviet Union resurrection occurs, what would happen to Slovakia, Bulgaria and others, since in the last century the Soviets had a large influence over the whole block? Does it mean the world again will see a US and Russia arms race, only this time it would be a space race?

What would the role of China be, if any?

There many questions that will need to be figured out and addressed.

The outcome of such a statement is the clear announcement to the world that the Kremlin is ready to become the center of the Soviet Union and in the near future the former Soviet Block nations will be part of Russia.

It is a dangerous path and while the Western world is focused on the coronavirus and post pandemic recovery, Putin is ready to take back the Eastern Block. The geopolitical balance is threatened. The Kremlin is no longer hiding its agenda.