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The Second Amendment is under attack. This isn’t a new development; for the last two decades it has been seriously targeted by many in the Democratic Party and even a few in the Republican Party. But in recent years, the calls for hardcore gun control laws have been rising. Now that Democrats have control of the House, Senate, and White House, many assume the filibuster, judiciary, and state laws are the only things standing in the way of federal gun control beyond what we see today.

There’s another important impediment to gun control that doesn’t get nearly enough attention. As Second Amendment Foundation member and prolific firearm journalist Dave Workman pointed out, it really does fall on us in the grassroots to make certain our rights are protected. In the latest episode of NOQ Report, he makes the plea to gun owners and gives us a ton of information about what we need to do to get involved and stay involved.

Thankfully, there are a whole lot more gunowners today than there were a year ago. It may be one of the few silver linings to the Covid-19 pandemic. A concerned population wants to have the power to defend itself if things get crazy and there’s nothing better than a firearm to allow us to take control of situations before they go too far south.

As our EIC has speculated before, going after our guns is only part of the reason Democrats will move to abolish the filibuster. They need to pass H.R. 1, the voter fraud enabling legislation. To do so, they’ll need to filibuster out of their way. But they cannot remove the filibuster for the sake of that bill or their motives will be too obvious. They need a more popular reason to do so and gun control is likely their gateway to set in motion the process of establishing permanent single-party rule in America.

How do they get gun control to be popular? Through mass shootings, which is why this particular interview was so timely. The two mass shootings in Atlanta and Boulder that left 18 people dead may be enough to push the Democrats’ legislation forward, as Workman noted on AmmoLand :

Various members of Congress have been tossing ideas around, including calls for a national waiting period on firearms sales. Biden wants Senate action on two House measures, H.R. 8 and H.R. 1446, which deal with background checks. He has also revived his call for a ban on so-called “assault weapons” following the Colorado shooting. Standing in the way could be Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin, a pro-gun lawmaker from West Virginia.

Vanity Fair is reporting that Manchin is not interested in supporting either House measure.

He was quoted by the magazine stating, “I come from a gun culture. I’m a law-abiding gun owner.”

However, waiting period legislation could gain momentum because Long bought his gun on the same day he allegedly committed the crimes. In Colorado, the accused killer there bought his gun a week prior to the Monday shooting.

As earlier reported, the Washington Post quoted Georgia State Rep. David Wilkerson observing, “I think a waiting period just makes sense.” When the Portland, Oregonian picked up the story, it’s headline reflected a possible push for a national wait: “Atlanta shootings could renew push for gun waiting periods.”

It’s up to patriotic Americans to get off their couches and make our voiced heard. That means calling on our representatives. That means rallies and protests. It means not waiting around for some Second Amendment saviors to pop up and do the work for us. Our freedoms are ours to protect. We cannot rely on the small group of passionate activists to do all the heavy lifting.

In this episode, The Two Mikes broke down important news for the week as well.

As the push for new gun laws continues, we need true action by patriots to keep our Second Amendment rights intact. If we wait around, we may end up like so many other nations that have lost their gun rights already.

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