“Ummm Is Anderson ok?”

(Infowars) – During a segment on his CNN show last night, Anderson Cooper mocked Fox News host Jeanine Pirro by making a series of bizarre facial expressions.

After calling Pirro “the president’s Islamophobe-in-arms,” Cooper proceeded to attempt to mimic her facial expressions during her most recent Fox News open.

However, the effort bore few similarities to Pirro and Cooper just came off looking as if he was about to shapeshift into an interdimensional reptoid.

“Ummm Is Anderson ok?” asked Jon Levine.

A close up of Cooper’s face only made the performance look even weirder.

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Apparently, the CNN host thinks that contorting his face is a substitute for an actual counter-argument.

With content like this, CNN is sure to recover some of the 26 per cent of viewers it has lost in the last year.

Maybe the fact that 100 CNN employees were recently given “voluntary buyouts,” with rumors of more job cuts on the way, means that there’s no one left to write Cooper’s scripts and he’s reduced to making sophomoric facial insults in the absence of actual words.


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