China’s Nuclear Capability up 150%: Pentagon Report


    (UncleSam) – On Wednesday, the Pentagon released its report on China . The ensuing information reveals that China’s nuclear capability will have “700 deliverable nuclear warheads by 2027 and 1000 warheads by 2030.” The statement that the Asian adversary has launched what it calls a “nuclear triad” reminds our leadership that the hypersonic missile launch from October was not an aberration. It was a goal. And they are moving fast to make it happen… while we worry about diversity.

    The goal is to “match or surpass U.S. global influence and power, displace U.S. alliances and security partnerships” and to revise the current international order to their advantage, in their interests and to the benefit of Beijing’s authoritarian system, according to the report.

    The report includes estimates for the size of China’s armed forces, including approximately two million personnel across all branches and 975,000 active-duty troops in combat units of the People’s Liberation Army. China’s navy is the world’s largest, the report says, with more than 335 ships and submarines. The Chinese air force and navy aviation units have a combined 2,800 total aircraft, making it the world’s third-largest fleet.

    The Chinese also attempt to exert influence through other means, including digital strategies, the Defense Department told Congress. The “Three Warfares” concept is described as “psychological warfare, public opinion warfare, and legal warfare.”


    China’s nuclear capability

    The United States has fewer than 300 ships, and 66 nuclear submarines, all of which are lethal in their abilities. We’re still number one and still the best Naval Force on the planet. But for how long?

    US military officials seem worried, but not enough to stop the social experiments in the US Armed forces. Woke Gen Mark Milley at the Pentagon has stated that we have to be very careful in how we deal with them now. Does that mean he shouldn’t call them up behind the president’s back anymore? That careful?

    We are witnessing one of the largest shifts in global geo-strategic power that the world has witnessed.

    Gen Mark Milley, Joint Chiefs of Staff

    So let’s ask ourselves how this “shift” occurred in the first place. When we once had real Generals in charge with real military ideas, the United States was unmatched in power. Enter Barack Obama and the “sequester” – the capping of all military spending for 8 years. The military was thrown the bones of the budget, creating a horrific problem of aircraft and ship maintenance delays, training that was lower than it should have been, and a lack of nearly everything. It was a pieces and parts budget. The came Trump who vastly increased the military budget in an attempt to bring the military back to pro-tect-o mode.

    Now we have Sleepy Joe, who pulled the plug on Anything Trump and reinstituted the great social experiment within our Armed Forces. And dear old Sleepy Joe’s corrupt connections to China are there for personal gain, not for the safety of the United States. So as we dither, China’s nuclear capability climbs fast. And then there’s North Korea that has been mining Uranium at a fast clip. That may turn out to be a surprise as well.