(Breitbart) – Left-wing pop icon Cher fired off an all-caps Twitter rant on Friday, declaring President Donald Trump a “traitor to America like no other in history.”

Cher first targeted billionaire Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer, saying she “WOULDNT VOTE 4 TOM STEYER IF HE WAS LAST DEMOCRAT ON EARTH. ONLY A PERSON WITH EXPERIENCE SHOULD BE ALLOWED 2 RUN.”

Then, the Oscar and Grammy-winner went after President Trump.

“Donald trump HAS GUTTED, DESTABILIZED,& BEEN A TRAITOR TO [America] like no other present in history,” the “Believe” singer said. “Being president. of [America] SHOULDN’T BE ABLE 2 BE BOUGHT [money] ON A RICH MAN’S WHIM.”

An earlier screed saw Cher describing Trump as he gives “his bullshit speeches.”

“Why is it When Trump Has to Read One Of His Bullshit Speeches..,” the tweet began. “1.His tongue Swells. 2. His Teeth Get Loose. 3.His Lips Go Numb 4.He Forgets His Nose Spray. 5.He Needs Someone To Hold His Head Up. 6.Needs To Brush Up On English 7.Finish Last Dick & Jane Book.”

It’s not yet clear who Cher is backing in this election — though Steyer’s chances at becoming his party’s nominee got a bit of a boast this week as the left-wing mega-donor became the sixth candidate to qualify for next week’s Democrat debate in Iowa.

That said, it’s probably safe to say that Cher will be standing next to the eventual Democratic nominee. In the last few months alone she’s referred to Trump as “evil,” a “miscreant” who “traded his pathetic soul” to Russian president Vladimir Putin, and even urged, in November, that women vote and kick Trump’s ass out of office in November.