Friday, January 22, 2021


      Pelosi names congressman who was compromised by Chinese spy as Impeachment Manager

        (thepostmillennial)Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi named several congressmen to be Managers for the new impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. Of those nine congressmen, one name that...

      WATCH: Biden DOJ civil rights pick accused of racism, anti-Semitism after new evidence uncovered...

      (thepostmillennial)On Monday night, Tucker Carlson dug into President elect Joe Biden's pick to run the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, Christine Clark. Clark has been a repeat...

      Pence releases statement that he won’t invoke 25th Amendment

        (thepostmillennial)Vice President Mike Pence insisted in a formal statement that it would be a bad idea to invoke the 25th Amendment to forcibly remove President Donald Trump...

      BREAKING: Joe Biden Scandal Rocks Nation – Media Admits It

      (thepostmillennial)President-Elect Joe Biden raised eyebrows on Sunday when he stated his administration will prioritize assistance to businesses based on race. "Our priority will be Black, Latino, Asian, and...

      Nearly Half Of Republicans Approve Of Capitol Riot

      Nearly Half Of Republicans Approve Of Capitol Riot

      The U.S. Capitol building was stormed by an angry pro-Trump mob on Jan. 6. Overall, five people died as a result of the riot – one woman shot as she tried to break into a room of lawmakers, three people who died of medical emergencies in the crowd and one Capitol Police Officer who later died due to head injuries sustained from an attack by a rioter.

      The attack occurred during the early moments of Congress counting all electoral votes in a largely ceremonious declaration of President-elect Biden as the incoming successor to Trump. Continued claims of election fraud from Trump over the last two months, parroted by a minority of Republicans in the House and Senate, led to a few lawmakers objecting to certain swing states’ electoral votes.

      At times during the attack, Capitol Police either nonchalantly allowed rioters to get closer to the Capitol or outright encouraged the mob to gather right at its doors and windows. Several videos show sections of police using little or no force in stopping the mob, with some standing to take selfies. Three of the four Capitol Police Board members have since resigned.

      According to a recent YouGov survey, while a majority of Americans oppose the violent attack on the U.S. Capitol, 45 percent of Republicans say they’re in support of the riot and believe it’s justified. That’s roughly 33 million voters across the country...

      Infographic: Nearly Half of Republicans Approve of Capitol Riot | Statista

      You will find more infographics at Statista

      As YouGov notes, the partisan difference in support could be down to differing perceptions of the nature of the protests.

      While 59% of voters who are aware of the events at the Capitol perceive them as being more violent than more peaceful (28%), the opposite is true of Republicans. By 58% to 22%, Republicans see the goings on as more peaceful than more violent.

      Democrats are swiftly moving to draft articles of impeachment against Trump before his term ends in less than two weeks. The party is also hoping to implement the 25th amendment, which would have two-thirds of Congress vote to remove Trump from office and install Vice President Pence for the remainder of the term. Both appear unlikely to gain enough Republican support, but huge cracks within the GOP are emerging following the Capitol attack as anger builds across both parties.

      Those on both sides of the dispute are at odds in their descriptions of those currently occupying the US Capitol.

      About half (52%) of voters agree with the “extremist” label, the most commonly selected of all the terms we put to respondents (but the split between Republicans and Democrats is vast). Nearly as many (49%) think “domestic terrorists” is an appropriate title, and 41% consider them “criminals.” 

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      Chinese Communist Party Says Biden A “New Window Of Hope”

      Chinese Communist Party Says Biden A "New Window Of Hope"

      Authored by Frank Fang via The Epoch Times,

      Beijing is looking forward to a new U.S. administration after Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi said Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden represented a “new window of hope” for the Sino–U.S. relationship.

      Wang made the remarks last week in an interview with Chinese state-run media Xinhua and China Media Group. He also expressed hopes that the incoming U.S. administration will “return to a sensible approach,” according to a government transcript.

      He took a swipe at the Trump administration, saying that in recent years, the United States has tried to “suppress China and start a new cold war.” The Chinese regime has frequently used this rhetoric, especially during the 2018–2019 trade war, to criticize the administration’s China policies.

      He also accused U.S. policymakers of having “serious misconceptions” about China and called on the United States to “respect” China’s social system.

      Wang concluded his interview by saying that the two countries could resolve their differences “as long as the United States can draw lessons from the past and work with China in the same direction.”

      The Trump administration has confronted the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on a range of issues, including unfair trade practices, espionage, malign influence in the United States, security threats posed by Chinese technology, and its human rights abuses against religious minorities and Hong Kong residents.

      Biden’s critics have expressed concerns that an administration under him would be soft on China, and Chinese state-run media have openly stated their preference for Biden.

      Most recently, China’s state-run media Global Times, in an article published on Jan. 5, used the sudden decision by the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) not to delist three Chinese telecom companies as a sign that a more “flexible” administration under Biden would be more friendly toward Beijing. The NYSE has since reversed course again, saying on Jan. 6 that it would go ahead with delisting them.

      “Chinese experts translated the move as a voice of reason from some in Wall Street and US political circle [sic], who wish the incumbent US president won’t hamstring the incoming Biden administration in making decisions related to China,” the article stated.

      It also cited a Chinese professor who said U.S. politicians and businessmen would prefer “flexibility” under Biden over Trump’s “boundless style of bullying.”

      On Dec. 31, 2020, the NYSE announced that it would begin the process of delisting China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom, in compliance with Trump’s executive order, as the three companies were found by the Pentagon to have ties to the Chinese military.

      In a commentary article published in the Chinese-language Epoch Times last month, Zhong Yuan, a researcher focused on China’s political system, explained that the CCP preferred a Biden presidency because he would implement a policy of engagement with Beijing.

      The CCP’s favorable stance toward Biden was reflected in an opinion article published by Xinhua on Dec. 19, 2020, according to Zhong. The article stated that the Trump administration had left behind “a mess” and considered what his successor should do.

      Zhong said there was an urgency for the CCP to start working with Biden because there’s internal division within the Party about how to handle deteriorating Sino–U.S. ties. Zhong said the division was evident in another Xinhua opinion article published in December 2020, that denounced “certain people” for spreading “favorable comments” about the United States.

      The division threatened the position of Chinese leader Xi Jinping within the Party, Zhong said, and was likely the reason Chinese state-run media took up the position of supporting Biden.

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