(Gateway Pundit) – Joe Biden crawled out of his basement on Wednesday after shutting down pool movement and napping most of Tuesday.

Biden began speaking gibberish at an event in Wilmington, Delaware on Wednesday.

The 77-year-old tried to blast President Trump and ended up jumbling his words.

“Stop your boast about — never being — seemed at you — you can do anything.”

Biden then told his staffers to call on friendly sycophantic reporters.

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Joe Biden Lies About Murder of Portland Trump Supporter Aaron Danielson (VIDEO)

Biden lied about the murder of Trump supporter Aaron “Jay” Danielson who was executed in Portland over the weekend.

39-year-old Danielson was gunned down by far left Antifa militant Michael Reinoehl in Portland in cold blood.

Biden on Wednesday falsely claimed Danielson, a Trump supporter, ‘incited a response’ by shooting rubber bullets or paintballs at leftists when he was shot and killed.

“I think what happened in Portland, where a, one of the Trump guys riding along in vans, inciting response, shooting rubber bullets, I guess, or paintballs, apparently there was someone shot by someone in the crowd, with a bullet, killed.”

This is a complete lie.

The Trump caravan took place earlier in the day.

Aaron Danielson was walking down the street at night when he was shot in the chest by a left-wing terrorist.


Here’s video of Aaron “Jay” Danielson getting shot and killed by a left-wing terrorist.




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