(thepostmillennial)Update as of 8pm: Police arrested another man for investigation of burglary and for the property damage of the original Starbucks location bringing the total number of arrests to three.

Following the inaugural address of President Joe Biden asking the country for unity, dozens of Antifa and BLM protesters began marching through Seattle, blocking traffic, vandalizing buildings and setting fires.

Dozens of activists gathered Wednesday afternoon in Occidental Park at 4:30 pm, then began marching through downtown.

According to the Seattle Police Department, multiple windows were shattered at the William Kenzo Nakamura Courthouse at 6th Avenue and Spring Street. Several buildings were vandalized, fires were started and an American flag was burned. The original Starbucks store, near Pike’s Place Market, had its windows smashed.

The event was organized supposedly to protest the policies of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, but other activists carried banners protesting the police and Biden. Activists chanted “No cops, no prisons, total abolition” as they marched through downtown Seattle.

As of 6 pm at least two activists had been arrested, one for property damage and one woman for assault at 2nd Avenue and Cherry Street.

According to KOMO News “people in the group began targeting those who were not in the demonstration and were throwing objects into the street to block motorists. The participants damaged several vehicles in the area before police issued an order for the group to disperse. Members of the group also were chanting as they made their way through downtown streets.”

BREAKING: Antifa and BLM celebrate Inauguration Day by marching through downtown Seattle vandalizing buildings and setting fires

As previously reported by The Post Millennial, earlier on Wednesday Antifa in Portland, OR, vandalized the Democratic Party of Oregon headquarters. Windows and doors were smashed, the building vandalized with graffiti that reads “F*ck Biden.”

According to The Oregonian, about 200 Antifa activists gathered in Southeast Portland and marched through the streets as part of a J20 protest.

This is a developing story.