(thepostmillennial)Twelve BLM activists have been arrested and 2 cars were impounded Monday, after protesters formed a human chain, blocking Interstate 5 in Seattle.

Washington State Patrol (WSP) reported that units responded to the scene. The activists started marching at James Street and then entered the northbound I-5 collector-distributor lanes at approximately 12:30 p.m.

The activists stopped traffic and painted a large B-L-M on the freeway, and caused an over a mile long backup, past the Interstate 90 interchange, according to Trooper Rick Johnson of the WSP

Johnson said that troopers cleared the group from the freeway, including their vehicles, and took 12 activists into custody who will be booked into the King County Jail.

Activists began blocking the freeway during Seattle’s ‘autonomous zone’ last summer. The WSP and elected officials allowed the activists to block traffic every night until an activist was killed during one of the demonstrations.

Since then, troopers have been quick to respond and stop the activists blocking traffic.