(thepostmillennial)Joe Biden is planning on sending a legislative package to Congress as soon as he can, which will include sweeping reforms designed to give legal status to 11 million illegal immigrants.

The proposed bill is considered to be a serious change of direction from that of previous administrations, going all the way back to the Clintons.

According to the LA Times, the bill, as well as providing a path for people illegally in the US to legalize their status, will also shorten the pathway to citizenship for many other people, including children or people brought into the US as children, and essential workers.

Also, the bill is said to make no mention whatsoever of increased security related to immigration, which is another break from the norm of previous years and decades, in more than one country actually.

The LA Times also stated that people are calling these reforms the deepest since the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, which granted amnesty to over three million people, but also tightened controls significantly on potential new arrivals.

Pro-immigration activist and present of Community Change Action Lorella Praeli said: “I think this bill is going to lay an important marker in our country’s history. [These measures proposed] will not seek to trade immigration relief for enforcement, and that’s huge.”

“If there is a silver lining to the Trump era, it’s that it should now be clear to everyone that our system needs a massive overhaul and we can no longer lead with detention and deportation.”